Monetising 5G

Monetising 5G: How OSS/BSS Must Change to Enable New Business Models

Monetising 5G: Main Presentation

Telecoms executives and their partners discuss the changing requirements of OSS and BSS.

Monetising 5G: Breakout Group Discussion Summaries

Topics discussed include rating and charging, policy management, customer management, and network operations and assurance.

How IT/OT Convergence Will Enable New 5G Business Models

This new report from STL Partners, based on in-depth interviews across the telco industry, explores the impact of real-time data processing for operators looking to achieve revenue growth with 5G-enabled services, including:

  • The “unspoken reality” of 5G monetization
  • Four main use cases required to unlock the full value of 5G by handling the convergence of IT and OT
  • Five practical tips on how to rapidly evolve these capabilities

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