Enterprise Software Kits for Customers

Customers can get current, Long-Term Support (LTS), and older software kits from the secure VoltDB customer download site. If you are a customer and do not already have access to the site, please contact support to authorize access.

Contacting Support

Basic, Standard and Premium customers can contact us at In addition, all support customers can reach us through our public forum and community Slack channel. VoltDB business hours are 8am-6pm, Monday through Friday Eastern Time Zone. Premium customers also will receive a phone number they can call 24×7 for Severity 1 incidents.

Information you Should Provide to Support

When contacting VoltDB Support, include the following information, if applicable:

  • Customer/Application name?
  • Is VoltDB currently operational?
  • Is the issue site-wide or with specific node(s)?
  • Conditions prior to this issue occurring?
  • Run ‘voltdb collect’ on all nodes to get details of the issue, error messages, log files
  • Corrective measures taken
  • Any questions, issues, or feedback are welcome.

Support Levels

At VoltDB, we want to make sure you’re successful building, testing, and deploying your application. We have a variety of plans to support you, when you need it. We offer support for both our Open Source (Community) and Enterprise editions.

Our support engineers are ready, responsive, and skilled in all aspects of VoltDB database design and operation to help give you the extra boost you need.




Email Support (business hours)
Technical Response

*Includes Non-Severity 1 Enterprise Lab Program Support

Support Services

Support Services




Initial Response 1 business day 4 business hours 1 business hour
Technical Response 1 business day 1 business day 1 business hour
Coverage Business Hours Business Hours 24x7 phone support
Business hours email support*
Communication Method Email Email Email, Phone
Customer Contacts 1 Named User Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
Sev. 1 Problem Escalation*
/After Incident Review
No No Yes*
Cases 3** Unlimited Unlimited
  • Escalation is a way to bring extra attention to a Severity 1 incident. When a customer notifies Support that they wish to escalate, a review call will be set up with VoltDB Support, the VP of Engineering and any appropriate resources to develop an action plan for issue resolution.
  • A Hot Fix is a patch release to the customer’s current version. Hot fixes will be provided only for Severity 1 incidents which cannot be alleviated with a workaround, or when a customer is unable to upgrade to the next release.
  • *Enterprise Lab Program users that subscribe to Premium Support get phone support. However, they are excluded from Sev 1 Problem Escalation.
  • **Contact sales [at] for additional support.





Update Notifications
Technical Alerts
Sev. 1 Incident Hot Fix

Definition of Incident Levels




Sev 1: Critical Business Impact Productions VoltDB is inoperable or critical condition which prevent users from performing critical business functions. A workaround is not available. - System down, hang, or crash situation
- Data loss or data corruption
- Critical Functionality not available
- Security Vulnerability*
Sev 2: Significant Business Impact Important product features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround. Customer’s implementation or production use of VoltDB’s products in a primary business service, major applications or mission critical systems are functioning with limited capabilities or are unstable with periodic interruptions. The software may be operating but is severely restricted. A workaround is not available. - Error or failure forcing a restart or recovery
- Severely degraded performance
Sev 3: Moderate Business Impact Product features unavailable but a workaround exists and the majority of software functions are still usable. Minor function/feature failure that the customer can easily circumvent or avoid. Customer’s work has minor loss of operational functionality. - Error but there is a workaround
- Minimal degraded performance
- Incorrect behavior with minor impact
- Initial Installation or development milestones are at risk
Sev 4: Minimal Business Impact Minor problem or question that does not affect the software function such as How To’s, documentation, general questions, or enhancement requests. There is no impact to product usage or customer’s operations. - General questions for advice
- General question on functionality
- Clarification on documentations or release notes
- Enhancement request

* Security Vulnerabilities will be handled like an escalation, with oversight by the VP of Engineering to work out an issue resolution.

VoltDB Support End-of-Life Policy

Starting with VoltDB V8, one point release for each major version will be selected as the Long-Term Support (LTS) release. LTS releases are supported for three years from the initial release, during which time the LTS version receives critical bug and performance patches as necessary. Older versions and non-LTS point releases are maintained and available as is for two years after their initial release.

Extended support periods for individual releases is available under separate contract on a case-by-case basis.

For version 8, V8.4 is the LTS release. See the table below for End-of-Life dates of all releases.

VoltDB Version

Release Date

EOL Date

v8.4 (LTS)

June 2019  June 2022
v9 Mar 2019  Mar 2020
v8 Feb 2018  Feb 2020
v7 Jan 2017  Jan 2019
v6 Jan 2016 Jan 2018
v5 Jan 2015 Jan 2017
v4 Jan 2014 Jan 2016
v3 Jan 2013 Jan 2015
v2 Nov 2011 Nov 2013
v1 May 2010 May 2012
  • 184/A, Newman, Main Street Victor
  • 889 787 685 6