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VoltDB is designed for enterprise organizations building mission-critical applications for 5G monetization, fraud prevention, and other digital transformation initiatives.

Because many VoltDB customers start their relationship with us after hitting performance limitations with alternative technologies, please read all the valuable information on this page before you proceed.

What’s In the Box?

VoltDB is a high performance ‘shared nothing’ ACID compliant in-memory SQL database. It will run on any reasonable Linux distribution and consists of a core of C++ binaries that manage the data and an outer layer of Java bytecode developers interact with.

The VoltDB Enterprise Edition supports large clusters in one physical location and is licensed by the node (physical or virtual). It can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or via an OEM agreement.

Optional licensed features include:

  • One directional replication – changes are asynchronously sent to a remote cluster of similar size, which can become active for writes on command.
  • N-directional replication – We support an ‘archipelago’ of clusters, any one of which can make changes to data which are then forwarded to the others.

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If you’d prefer to simply look under the covers and test VoltDB in a sandbox environment, the VoltDB Developer Edition is a perfect place to start.

Is VoltDB Right for You?

After many years of providing Telco, FinServ and IIoT customers with advanced capabilities to roll out new applications, we’ve learned that taking the time to answer a few straightforward questions will put you on the fast track to success.

You’ll only know success if you can measure it. That means having a clear goal and ensuring everybody involved understand it. Is it Latency? TCO? High availability? Scale? It’ll probably be a combination of these things. Our experience is that the first round of requirements are somewhat aspirational, and that people who have had failed deployments of other technologies tend to put a lot more emphasis on practical operational features such as data loss caused by outages and how long it takes a node to rejoin after an outage.
You need to pick one or two use cases that are representative of the challenges you are facing, and then simplify them to the point where you can implement them in a reasonable time and understand the results you get. This doesn’t mean you reduce things to the trivial, but does mean you limit the number of things you measure and change. For an example, see our charging demo.

In addition to deciding on your use cases, you also need to pick a configuration to test. You can run VoltDB or almost any other database on a laptop, but what will that actually tell you? From our experience, a credible POC will involve at least one 2 or 3 node cluster, frequently with another as a hot standby or in Active Active mode. We can help you decide what you need. Enterprise organizations get to enjoy node-based pricing. With our OEM partners, we custom-build a pricing model congruent to their go-to-market strategy. If you are planning to capitalize on a near edge deployment model like in teleco or Industrial IoT, we would love to understand your architecture to present price based on your overall performance requirements and SLAs. VoltDB has introduced an industry-first performance-based commercial model that provides our customers with the flexibility of seamlessly deploying VoltDB at the Edge in micro data centers. This revolutionary Edge Pricing Model aligns perfectly with 5G and IoT architectures while providing low latency, scale, and the lowest TCO on the market today. Contact us to discuss pricing.
We understand that you probably don’t have half a dozen identical unused servers lying around to build a cluster with, so most POCs are now done in the cloud, even if the eventual deployment model is ‘on prem’. We are happy to provide you with AWS CloudFormation scripts or other cloud assistance you need to help you rapidly build the cluster(s) you need.
We know that any evaluation needs both clearly defined goals and a deadline of some kind. Our experience is that when we are involved in an evaluation early on it tends to go a lot faster. We can help you estimate and plan your evaluation.
A key component of any successful evaluation is ensuring someone ‘owns’ the process and can clearly articulate the results to and business case to all stakeholders. While people who are relatively inexperienced can get VoltDB to work well, they’ll need supervision from the business’s technology experts to finish on time and with the results needed to make a decision. Traditional DBA skills are not necessarily required, but may be helpful. VoltDB can provide a range of assistance from a no-obligation consultation to a full professional services engagement.
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