Our Operational Database is Available in Different Editions | VoltDB
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VoltDB’s in-memory operational database with real-time analytics and real-time decisioning is available in several different editions: Enterprise, AWS, and Community.

Which Edition is Best?

Deciding which VoltDB Edition is right for you depends upon your application needs. VoltDB offers the speed and scale of NoSQL databases, but with the ACID guarantees, relational data models, and transactional capability of traditional RDBMSs – all without the hefty price tag. You’ll never lose data or get the wrong answer. Contact us to discuss your application needs.


VoltDB has introduced an industry first performance based commercial model that provides our customers with the flexibility of seamlessly deploying VoltDB at the Edge in micro data centers. This revolutionary Edge Pricing Model aligns perfectly with 5G and IoT architectures, while providing low latency, scale, and the lowest TCO on the market today. Contact us to discuss pricing.

FeaturesOpen Source / Community Enterprise / AWS
License Terms
High-throughput SQL operational database
In-memory analytics for real-time visibility
Point-in-time Durability
Manual scale-out on commodity servers
Built-in high availability within cluster
VoltDB Management Console
Transaction-level durability with Command Logging
Elastically scale out the cluster with no downtime
Database replication for disaster recovery
Cross data center replication
Monitoring integrations (SNMP, New Relic...)
Container orchestration (Kubernetes)
Operationalizing Machine learning (PMML)
Streaming Exporters (Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, JDBC, HDFS, file, ...)
2 streamsno limit
Streaming Importers (Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, ...)
no limitno limit
Maximum Number of Nodes
no limitno limit
Customer Support
StackOverflow, Slack, BasicBasic, Standard, Enterprise

VoltDB Technical Overview-2019

Featured Content

VoltDB Technical Overview

Check out this in-depth datasheet to learn more about the VoltDB database product.

Community Edition (Open Source)

If you’re looking for the power of an in-memory operational database, but don’t need the durability, high availability, and export integrations that are essential to transactionality, the open source VoltDB Community Edition may be the version for you.

Community (Open Source) Features

  • High-throughput SQL operational database
  • In-memory analytics for real-time visibility
  • Manual scale-out on commodity servers
  • VoltDB Management Console

Enterprise Edition

If you are developing commercial applications your organization relies on, our Enterprise edition is for you. Not only is it more reliable, it also comes with unlimited customer support. You can stay an expert in your business without having to simultaneously become a software development company. VoltDB Enterprise edition is enterprise grade.

Enterprise Features

  • High-throughput database with SQL and ACID transaction support
  • In-memory analytics for real-time visibility
  • Elastically scale out the cluster with no downtime
  • VoltDB Management Console
  • License as many nodes as you need
  • Standard or Premium Customer Support

AWS Edition

Looking for a fast and easy way to evaluate VoltDB or to create a quick prototype using VoltDB? Our AWS Edition allows you to purchase VoltDB “by the hour.”  Create the server and cluster configuration that best serves your needs, without the additional cost and complexity of buying, installing, and configuring your own hardware and software. Available on the Amazon AWS Marketplace  or as BYOL version.

AWS Features

  • Fast way to try out VoltDB or to build a prototype
  • Easy to get started
  • Interface easily with other Amazon AWS components
  • Pay for just the time you use VoltDB (permanent storage sold separately)