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Cloud Ready Database - VoltDB
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Cloud Ready Database

VoltDB: Architected from the Ground-up to Run in the Cloud

The VoltDB scale-out, distributed architecture is perfect for cloud computing. In fact, more than 50 percent of VoltDB deployments are in the cloud. VoltDB offers the high availability necessary in complex, geographically-distributed environments in one cloud-ready database.

Cloud deployments have gained popularity for a variety of reasons: flexibility, lower (or no) CapEx, and the fact that instances can be provisioned and spun up (and down) almost anywhere. These big reasons are why many of our customers choose to deploy VoltDB in the cloud.

Just recently, we ran a benchmark on a next-generation app (telecom charging) with VoltDB in the cloud. VoltDB was able to achieve industry leading linear scale (over 3MM ops/sec), low latency (under 5 milliseconds), while maintaining strict ACID guarantees.

VoltDB supports bare metal, hypervisor, and container-based cloud platforms, providing the precise deployment approach needed to maximize performance, elasticity, and support varying application framework models. VoltDB integrates with leading cloud management systems, providing database server, DBaaS, PaaS or streaming integration. Enhanced importers and exporters support PaaS integration techniques.

High Performance

VoltDB’s in-memory distributed architecture ensures maximum throughput. Benchmarking studies show that VoltDB is the fastest relational database on the market today for modern web apps.

In addition to high throughput, it is equally important to get query responses in real-time. Low latency is especially critical in 5G apps, which require a latency of under 5 milliseconds. VoltDB consistently meets 5G latency requirements; by optimizing disk I/O, eliminating the need for locking and latching, and utilizing server side stored procedures.

Linear Scale

VoltDB allows you to scale linearly in the cloud as the demands on your app grow. You can simply add more servers to your cluster without interrupting production, this is achieved by automatically rebalancing the data across the nodes in your cluster. VoltDB also partitions data and the associated processing, allowing you to host multiple partitions on a single server. Partitioning enables easy scale-up and fast performance.

Guaranteed ACID Transactions

Unlike NoSQL data stores, with VoltDB you never have to sacrifice on ACID transaction for high performance and availability. VoltDB offers fully ACID, serializable transactions. ACID allows developers to think about a set of changes as a complete unit that will run as if it is the only thing running, and will either succeed or fail in totality, not piecemeal. The time and energy used to address the lack of ACID transactions is better spent adding needed business features to the app, or getting it into production faster.

High Availability

VoltDB was engineered to continue running in the face of hardware, software, or network failures. The user can specify how many copies of data the cluster will store. When you specify the storage of three copies of data, if two machines fail production will not be interrupted. Failure detection and failure handling are automatic and backed by strong consensus guarantees. No committed data is ever lost.

Built-in Machine Learning (ML)

Operationalization of ML models is crucial to the success of modern web scale apps. VoltDB is able to convert a ML model into an executable process as a user-defined function (UDF) that is then embedded into the database to take real-time actions on high velocity streaming data, and deliver the desired business outcomes. VoltDB can deploy PMML models in an production environment as a java based stored procedure.

DevOps Ready

VoltDB is architected to run in an distributed containerized environment, a lot of customers have been running VoltDB Docker containers for years. VoltDB also supports Kubernetes, allowing it to seamlessly fit into existing CI/CD pipelines. Container orchestration with Kubernetes turns many tedious and complex tasks into something as simple as a declarative config file, allowing for continuous and frequent deployment.


VoltDB on AWS offers you the flexibility of “pay-as-you-go”. You are never locked into a contract, and can pay hourly without any long term commitments. You can start with VoltDB for a low price of just 2.85$/hour, and the VoltDB payment can be priced in with your AWS bill. That way you only have one bill & vendor to pay. Alternatively, you also have the choice to bring your own yearly VoltDB license (BYOL) to AWS.

VoltDB is available on the AWS Marketplace

Here’s how you can get started using VoltDB:

Learn more about VoltDB in the cloud when you visit our product editions page.