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VoltDB Announces Jepsen Webinar with Kyle Kingsbury

VoltDB Founding Engineer John Hugg to co-present session on benefits of stringent testing

BEDFORD, Mass. July 12, 2016VoltDB will present a webinar with Kyle Kingsbury, creator of the Jepsen tool for testing distributed systems, on July 28, 2016.

Jepsen tests are third-party tests for distributed databases that validate vendors’ guarantees about how they perform under various failure scenarios, especially network partitions. They have proven value as a tool in any distributed system tester’s arsenal.

VoltDB contracted with Kingsbury to design tests for VoltDB in 2016. Tests were conducted on VoltDB v6.3 in May and June, during which VoltDB was given the most stringent Jepsen test to date, including tests for strong serializability.

In this webinar, Kingsbury will talk about the testing process, how Jepsen works and what he found in VoltDB v6.3. Co-presenter John Hugg, the Founding Engineer at VoltDB, will discuss why these tests are important, how VoltDB reacted to test findings, incorporated them into VoltDB v6.4, and the QA process moving forward.

WHAT: Webinar: The Jepsen Test: What VoltDB Learned about Data Accuracy and Consistency

WHEN: Thursday, July 28, 1:00 pm ESDT/ 10:00 am PDT

WHO:     Kyle Kingsbury, Creator, Jepsen; John Hugg, Founding Engineer, VoltDB

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