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VoltDB / Landing / Why Does Your Telco Company Need VoltDB?

Why Does Your Telco Company Need VoltDB?

Why Does Your Telco Company Need VoltDB?

VoltDB provides the data management platform to enable telcos and CSPs to successfully modernize their architectures from specialized OSS/BSS stacks to NFV, ensuring competitiveness for the future.

Telco carriers and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face a moment of truth: they need to transition from monolithic provider of pipes, access, and data to building applications and services on a horizontally-integrated stack. Pressure from over-the-top (OTT) providers including Google, Facebook, Skype and others adds urgency to the need to migrate quickly to virtualized, cloud-based software stacks running on commodity hardware.

The move to NFV and SDN is a revolutionary opportunity to create new business models, accelerate speed to market, reduce costs, and compete in an aggressive landscape against threats from OTTs and emerging providers.

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  • Openet case study
  • Telco Strategy Guide
  • Emagine webcast and case study
  • Infographic

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What is VoltDB?

VoltDB is an in-memory, SQL, cloud-ready operational database for modern applications that require the ability to manage data at unprecedented scale and volume, with 100% accuracy. VoltDB rapidly imports, operates on, and then exports vast amounts of data at lightning speed. Its robust architecture combines the best of traditional transactional databases with the speed and scalability of newer entrants.

Unlike OLTP, Big Data, and NoSQL offerings that force users to compromise, only VoltDB supports all three modern telco application data requirements:

  1. Millions –  VoltDB processes relentless volumes of data from users, devices and sources.
  2. Milliseconds – VoltDB ingests, analyzes, and acts on data in milliseconds, with predictable low latency.
  3. 100% –  Data managed by VoltDB is always accurate, all the time, for all decisions.

VoltDB was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker.

CSPs and ISVs offering software applications to Tier 1 Telcos use VoltDB to modernize revenue and business-critical applications, including:

  • Billing and operations management (BSS/OSS)
  • Call routing
  • Network optimization
  • SLA management
  • Session management
  • Personalization/Customer experience/Subscriber management
  • Authentication/Authorization
  • Transition to NFV/virtualization/5G

Why VoltDB?

VoltDB is adopted in Telco because it’s well suited to both the current needs of vendors and the challenges they anticipate in future. VoltDB has been written from scratch to work in a 21st century RAM-centric environment and to meet the demanding requirements of Telcos.

VoltDB makes instantaneous decision-making possible by combining the best elements of modern and traditional database technology:

  • The speed + scalability of the best distributed data architectures, combined with the ACID transactionality of traditional RBDMs – without the licensing hassles.
  • The consistency and reliability CSPs and telcos need, deployed with a more streamlined, cloud-ready, highly-available, simple architecture.
  • Active-active, multi-version cross-datacenter replication.
  • The tools + languages developers already know.

Who Uses VoltDB?

VoltDB Scale

VoltDB Speed

  •  VoltDB holds the YCSB benchmark record – 2.4 million TPS. 
  •  By using a C++ core VoltDB takes advantage of CPU cache pre-fetching.
  •  No server stalling for Java garbage collection – much of the operational work is done off the heap
  •  About 12X faster than Oracle
  •  Using a single thread per partition avoids overhead of latching, locking, and read consistency

VoltDB’s architecture is great for counting things or working with shared, finite resources

VoltDB one line Comparisons:

  • MongoDB – VoltDB has better support for transactions
  • Cassandra – VoltDB is immediately consistent for 100% accuracy
  • Oracle – 12x faster with much lower license costs
  • SMACK Stack — better performance with much less complexity and no glue code

VoltDB Licensing

Development and production licenses available.

Contact sales @ for more specific information on our licensing model.