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Upcoming Webinars and Live Events


April 15, 11am ET  |  Learn More  |  Register

Non-Negotiable Qualities of Event-Driven Architecture

In this webinar, CPO Dheeraj Remella explores what is required to get from an event to a response and the non-negotiable qualities of an EDA system that can facilitate that journey.



April 20, 1pm ET  |  Learn More

Why Milliseconds Matter: The 5G Real-Time Opportunity

This is an invitation-only, video-based virtual event limited to business, technology, and digital transformation leaders in the telecommunications space.



April 28, 11am ET  |  Learn More  |  Register

How to Properly Execute Active-Active Cross Data Center Replication

In this webinar, David Rolfe, VoltDB’s Senior Global Director, discusses why active-active XDCR is difficult, how to make it easier, and how VoltDB does active-active XDCR.



May 6, 10am GMT  |  Learn More

Monetising 5G: How OSS/BSS must change to enable new business models

This is an invitation-only, virtual event for telecoms executives and their partners to discuss the changing requirements of OSS and BSS.

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