June 07, 2018 |

Experts Discuss Data Strategies for 5G, Take a Closer Look at BSS Digital Transformation

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the Vanilla Plus blog on May 30, 2018. Digital transformation has become one of those industry-swamping buzz phrases that emerges to dominate discussion and innovation in telecoms. However, the good news is that we’re moving beyond the marketing hype of digital everything and figuring out how digitally […]

May 29, 2018 |

VoltDB v8.1 Released

By: Ruth Morgenstein
We are pleased to announce VoltDB v8.1. This release includes features that can reduce the total cost of ownership of your VoltDB solution, with improvements to memory management of replicated tables, and performance improvements for many applications. These features include: Reduced Memory for Replicated Tables Replicated (i.e. non-partitioned) tables are now stored only once per [...]
May 23, 2018 | , , , , ,

What Is Thought-Provoking to Our Readers?

By: Cate Cross
Database Blog Trends, First Half 2018 Looking back over the first half of the year, we notice three trends in reader interest with our blog posts. They are: Defining the real-time database market How to compare database technologies, and How cloud database migration. In this post, we’ll give an overview of the posts most read [...]
May 15, 2018 | ,

Data Strategies for 5G: BSS Transformation Q&A

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

As we enter the 5G era, strategic telcos are digitizing their infrastructures to not only handle the explosion of data requirements, but to also take advantage of the new business opportunities and revenue streams that will come about with the advent of 5G. Recently we held a webinar entitled “Data Strategies for 5G: A Closer […]

May 08, 2018 | , , , ,

6 Reasons Why Your Machine Learning Project Will Fail to Get Into Production

By: David Rolfe

There is a massive difference between generating the input data needed by a Machine Learning model once (to prove a concept), and doing it continuously, indefinitely, at scale, and within short time periods. Years of experience working with disparate and imperfect data sets lead me to suspect that people trying to move desktop scale ML […]

May 02, 2018 | , ,

How VoltDB Serves Machine Learning Models in Real-Time

By: Min Xiao

In my previous blog on big data analytics, we discussed how to apply your big data analytics to real-time applications. The idea is that, if you have built analytics on your data, the next step is to use the analytics directly in the applications to automate your business workflow and remove the manual components. In this […]

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