Billing Mediation Systems

Billing Mediation Systems

Up-level your billing and charging applications with the only data platform purpose-built for real-time meditation in the age of 5G.


In the fast-data world of IoT and 5G, mediation has become incredibly complex and error-prone.


It’s perfectly normal to see billions of records an hour or even more than 280,000 per second. A system also needs to be able to process records at least 1.5 times the speed they’re created to catch up after an outage.


While most aggregate data influences events over a time period of hours or days, a subset of the data involves ongoing events that can be influenced over timescales ranging from milliseconds to seconds.


Traditional data platforms and tech stack architectures simply can’t keep up with the pace and diversity of streaming data coming their way. Large, complex footprints aren’t helping matters.

The New Mediation “Standard” is Real-Time Mediation

Your applications need to make faster decisions than ever before. 

Your customers can’t afford to wait a few second for just the right offer, because by the time the offer comes, they’ll already be gone. 

To the average pre-paid data plan subscriber, a second may not be much. But in application-speak, it’s an eternity. 

What used to happen in a few seconds inside the average billing and charging application now needs to happen in well under half a second. 

VoltDB — Built to Power Real-Time Mediation

The VoltDB Data Platform was built specifically to make intelligent, real-time decisions on complex streams of data at low latency, without compromising on accuracy. 

Our platform can process hundreds of thousands of records per second, while still allowing users to inspect individual sessions in real time.

With VoltDB, your mediation systems and applications will stay always on, alway accurate, always consistent, and always fast, so that they can future-proof your network in the face of 5G, IoT, edge computing, and whatever comes next.

Advanced Capabilities to Address Mediation

  • Low-latency, high-volume transactions
  • Complex decision-making
  • Transactional consistency
  • High availability
  • Easy and affordable scalability

VoltDB—Powering Real-Time Mediation for Telcos

The new age of telco mediation means real-time decisions on complex streaming data. 

Read this paper to learn exactly how the VoltDB Data Platform powers telco mediation applications.

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