Real-Time Decision Engine

Data has the greatest value as it enters the pipeline. Real-time interactions can power business decisions, such as customer interaction, security and fraud prevention, and resource optimization.

In order to process at the speed and latencies for real-time decisions, the database platform must support moving transaction processing closer to the data. VoltDB is a fast in-memory database that supports SQL and ACID compliance to provide the high-throughput and low-latency response your applications need to make decisions in real time.

VoltDB’s high performance ACID SQL transactions enable scalable request-response style applications that scale from thousands to millions of requests per second on small clusters. Supporting thousands of concurrent connections with round-trip latencies in milliseconds (1-5ms @99.9%), VoltDB is an ideal platform for high speed policy enforcement, authorization, rule evaluation, and quota management.

Sample Apps

Check out our sample apps to see VoltDB running in action

Sample Apps

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Connect to VoltDB using a native VoltDB driver, by POSTing requests directly over HTTP or by using the ODBC or JDBC drivers. VoltDB provides synchronous and asynchronous interfaces for a variety of popular programming languages. VoltDB drivers include optimizations like built-in load balancing, connection caching, topology aware request routing and other sophisticated features to make writing high performance database applications simpler.

Example: Run a VoltDB stored procedure transaction from PHP

Example: Run a VoltDB stored procedure from Java

Analyze and Decide

VoltDB processes each incoming event or request as a discrete ACID transaction. A transaction can be one or more SQL statements pre-defined in a DDL file, an ad-hoc SQL statement issued by the application, or a combination of SQL and Java encapsulated in a VoltDB stored procedure.

Use VoltDB’s MPP, fault tolerant, ACID, SQL database capabilities for:

  • Real time personalization based on current context and OLAP segmentation data. Cache historical segmentation reports in VoltDB and combine that data with real time campaign strategies and per-event context to personalize free to play games and real time mass personalization marketing campaigns.
  • Policy evaluation and enforcement in real time. Evaluate campaign selection rules in real time for each incoming event - hundreds of thousands of times per second.
  • High speed authorization based on real time balances and per-user state. Maintain real time pre-paid balances and track micro-payments in real time.
  • Resource optimization using per-event least-cost/least-used decisions. Use VoltDB’s performance to track real time status of fast changing environments like financial position tracking, best bid offer tracking, and network utilization and QoS metrics for applications like global risk control and DDoS attack mitigation.

Real Time personalization

VoltDB’s combination of high throughput performance, ACID transaction capabilities, and stateful, durable database tables make it easy to write high velocity request/response applications. Latencies in the 1-5ms range allow personalization parameters to be calculated in-line with user experience. See a complete example application demonstrating VoltDB for high velocity request-response style applications.


Each server in a VoltDB cluster can execute tens of thousands of transactions per second. VoltDB’s linear scale-out architecture lets you scale your cluster to match your throughput requirements. Most VoltDB clusters are 3-20 nodes in size. (A 16 node cluster can run upwards of 6 million durable, ACID SQL transactions per second.)

VoltDB includes built-in high availability and fault tolerance using active/active, synchronous replication within a datacenter. VoltDB supports asynchronous WAN replication for disaster recovery across datacenters and availability zones.

Applications can connect and send requests to any server in the cluster. The VoltDB database takes care of data routing, replication, high availability, and durability, and provides applications a fully ACID, SQL-based programming model that scales from thousands to millions of transactions per second. 

We recently ran YCSB workloads to benchmark VoltDB performance.

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