Use Cases

In-Memory Database Performance Use Cases

Real-Time Analytics

Implementing VoltDB to handle fast ingestion of data and interact on data to perform real real-time analytics provides the ability to create applications that can make data-driven decisions on each event as it enters the data pipeline.

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Streaming Data Pipeline

VoltDB is a platform that offers real-time ingest capabilities to real-time applications, while supporting stateful buffering of the feed for downstream batch processing, meeting both sets of requirements.

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Real-Time Decision Engine

VoltDB is a fast in-memory database that supports SQL and ACID compliance to provide the high-throughput and low-latency response your applications need to make decisions in real time.

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Industries Served


VoltDB enables providers to deliver real-time interactions and personalization to improve loyalty, reduce churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

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Financial Services

Banks using VoltDB are able to reduce fraud risk significantly, increasing their ability to detect fraudulent activity before multiple card swipes occur.

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VoltDB has the ability to meet the real-time demands of mobile advertising customers while handling a growing number of transactions – all while keeping client ad budget and actual ad spend aligned.

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IoT Sensors

VoltDB offers simplified real-time dashboarding and alerting with the transactional consistency of traditional RDBMS platforms to meet the speed and response requirements of IoT applications.

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With VoltDB game developers can create applications that deliver immediate insight into each player’s status, and make real-time decisions that create a highly-personalized, interactive experience for each player.

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How Does VoltDB Make Your App 100 Times Faster?

Customer Stories

In this VoltJolt video, Chris Wright, co-founder and CTO of deltaDNA, discusses how the ability to make real-time decisions creates a win-win for gaming organizations. Micro-personalization means that players benefit from a better game – while developers and publishers benefit from loyal players and improved revenue.

Shane O’Flynn, Openet’s Global Vice President of Product and Solution Management talks about choosing VoltDB to meet the challenges CSP’s and Telco companies face moving to virtualization and the cloud.

Check out VoltDB customer Emagine International. Their CEO David Peters, talks about how Emagine's real-time decisioning platform enables his Communication Service Provider (CSP) customers to capitalize on massive amounts of data in real time. With VoltDB, Emagine's CSP customers achieve personalized interactions, increased profitability and most importantly, a competitive advantage.