IoT Sensors

The Internet of Things connects the physical world and the digital world. Sensors produce high velocity data that needs to be ingested, analyzed and acted upon in real time to produce business value.

VoltDB is the only database that combines the fast ingestion, real-time analytics, scale and transactional decision-making crucial to enable applications that deliver on the promise of the IoT.




Smart Energy


Smart Energy solutions allow utilities to monitor in real time the current operational state of the generation, transmission, and distribution network, and they provide the ability to automatically respond to those conditions as quickly as possible. The goal is greater visibility, control and efficiency of the generation of power.

Utilities collect data at frequent intervals, analyze it, and make decisions in real-time to reduce consumption and improve grid management.


Utilities need to acquire quality data from smart meters. This means systems need to process raw meter data and analyze it, provide gap analysis, detect spikes, and fill in estimated data where required. Batch systems are too slow as the data is analyzed at the time of ingestion. What’s required is a transactional database architected to handle fast data’s speed and volume while delivering real-time analytics.


VoltDB’s high-velocity data ingestion engine enables the utilities to generate insights from the streams of incoming data on a per-event basis. Leveraging the smart energy data, it can alert utilities if their usage is trending toward exceeding their forecasted energy budget.

Additionally, reporting meters can be automatically compared to identify meters that did not provide a current status. If a meter misses a defined number of consecutive reporting intervals, a technician can be automatically assigned to fix or replace it.

Bottom Line

VoltDB enables utilities to help consumer and commercial customers reduce energy costs while more efficiently utilizing energy resources. Energy consumption data can be captured in real-time and analyzed rapidly to enable real-time decisions.

Smart Meters allow utilities to capture energy consumption in real-time, but traditional database systems are too slow to ingest metering data, analyze it rapidly, and enable real-time decisions. VoltDB enables a transactional database architected to handle fast data speeds and volume while delivering real-time analytics.


Smart Home


The Smart Home is being built on a network of connected devices that can interact with everything from major appliances to heating and home security systems. New applications built on these devices, such as innovative home security services, require fast data processing for actionable intelligence to provide homeowners’ with peace of mind.

The Challenge

Providers of smart home security solutions offer security and peace of mind through proactive deterrence. Delivering on this promise requires the ability to process sensor data fast enough to detect and help prevent break-ins. Sensors attached to doors, windows, and personal belongings capture and send data, and the service alerts customers at the first sign of an attempted break-in. But with dozens of sensors in each house, and thousands to millions of houses sending data, the challenge is ingesting and intelligently processing data in real time. Response time is critical.

The Solution

VoltDB’s distributed database infrastructure and ability to perform streaming analytics with transactions on live streams of data support smart home security application requirements. VoltDB is elastically scalable, able to keep pace with variable workloads, is cloud-based, and supports real-time decision making, which relies on both streaming analytics and transactions. VoltDB’s familiar relational SQL model and ability to support the highly interactive security services, while managing state and executing per-event transactions, provide an ideal solution for providers of smart home security systems.

Bottom Line

Providers of smart home security systems choose VoltDB for its scalability and high-performance streaming analytics with real-time decision-making capability. VoltDB's ability to analyze data streaming from a security system's sensors in real time ensures accuracy and puts security back into the user's hands.


IoT Reference Architecture

The reference architectures being built for IoT closely resemble those built for Big Data. IoT applications require four data management capabilities delivered with the VoltDB operational SQL database:

  • Fast ingest: High-speed ingestion, in-memory performance and horizontal scalability to provide a single ingestion point for very high-velocity inbound data feeds
  • Analyze: Real-time access to applications and querying engines, enabling analytic queries on the stream of inbound data that allow rules engines to process business logic
  • Act: The ability to trigger events and make decisions based on the inbound stream – thresholds, rules, policy-processing events and more
  • Export: The ability to export accumulated, filtered, enriched or augmented data to downstream systems and long-term analytics stores.

The IoT is a data-driven ecosystem. IoT platforms deliver business value from the ability to ingest vast flows of data; analyze and process that data to make decisions with immediate business impact; archive processed data; and export data for further analytics processing. To see how VoltDB is used in the IoT today, review our industry-specific use cases.


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