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Gartner Report: Maturity Model for Event-Driven Architecture

Event-driven architectures deliver mission-critical capabilities for today’s digital business, including real-time intelligence, global scale, “lossless” business activity analysis, and application extensibility.

But even IT leaders commonly write off event-driven architectures as unfamiliar and challenging to their organizations’ control patterns. The perception of increased risk, combined with lack of technical skills, slow the adoption of strategic event-driven systems, thus delaying critical business innovation.

Read this new Gartner report, Maturity Model for an Event-Driven Architecture, where we believe you will learn:

  • The characteristics of the different stages of event-driven architecture maturity in an organization
  • The various factors that typically hamper a company’s progress in setting up efficiency and functional event-driven architectures
  • How to build advanced competence in event-driven design

Gartner, Maturity Model For Event-Driven Architecture, Yefim Natis, Massimo Pezzini, Keith Guttridge, W. Roy Schulte, Refreshed 30 November 2020

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