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Why is it important for VoltDB to be open source?

VoltDB is the only open source in-memory NewSQL database. VoltDB was created as an open source project by co-founder Dr. Michael Stonebraker. Once the decision was made to launch a company to support the project, we worked to build an organization committed to developer and customer success with our products.

Why is it important for VoltDB to be open source? The open source community values integrity, participation, the open exchange of ideas, shared purpose, and support for the best ideas. We share those values: our company culture is open and collaborative. We work closely with customers, establishing open, supportive relationships between our developers and our customers’ developers.

VoltDB is developed using the Agile methodology; we believe in rapid prototyping and push updates out to customers on a monthly schedule. Our developers integrate VoltDB with key open source ecosystem components including Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Docker, and Hadoop, with more in the pipeline. We also contribute to projects including Kafka, Rabbit MQ, and Nagios. Our customers and community members contribute to VoltDB’s open source project on GitHub, helping to improve the quality and robustness of the project and the downstream product.

We make our code available under the popular AGPL license, and offer a free community edition which is used by many community members and educational organizations. We encourage prospects to inspect our code using the community edition.

With VoltDB, our users have the best of both worlds: a freely-available community edition built with open source methodologies, and a robust, commercial-strength product. We invite you to take a look at the community edition, or give us a call to discuss how the commercial edition can meet your needs.

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