VoltDB Editions

VoltDB is available from us in two editions.

1. Enterprise Edition

For a thorough and structured evaluation, reach out to our technical experts who can help you finalize your scope and goals. Once completed, you’ll get access to the Enterprise Edition, which has the following features:

  • Transaction-level durability with Command Logging
  • Live rejoin of failed nodes
  • Elastically scale out the cluster with no downtime
  • Database replication for disaster recovery
  • Cross data center replication
  • Monitoring integrations (SNMP, New Relic, Prometheus…)
  • Arbitrary number of streaming Exporters (Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, JDBC, HDFS, file, …)
  • Streaming Importers (Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, …)
  • Access to stable, proactively-patched Long Term Support Releases

We have two reasons we want you to talk to us before investing significant time and energy in getting the Enterprise Features up and running:

  1. Through our free consultation workshop, we’ll work together to understand whether VoltDB is indeed the best fit for your application requirements.
  2. Once VoltDB is determined to be of potential value to your application, this workshop allows us to identify scope and timeframe to go through a proof of concept (POC) exercise to ensure objectively that VoltDB satisfies your needs.

Learn more about and sign up for Enterprise Edition.

2. The Developer Edition

This edition allows you to evaluate VoltDB in a non-production environment. Using it you can build a database of up to 3 Nodes. Note that we don’t care how many cores are on each node. This edition is more than adequate for an informal evaluation but understand that the features listed above in the Enterprise Edition will not be available to you to test.

Learn more to determine if the developer edition is right for you.

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