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Administration Tools

VoltDB Management Center (VMC)

VMC is a browser-based tool for monitoring, managing, querying and understanding VoltDB clusters and the applications deployed to them.

VoltDB is designed to integrate with third party monitoring systems such as Nagios and New Relic. VMC isn’t designed to replace those tools for production users, but to complement their strengths. As a complementary system for VoltDB experts, or a friendly helper for those new to the platform, VMC offers a uniquely Volt perspective.

VMC enables users to view key statistics needed to build and understand apps, explore an application to understand how the changes made during development affect the broader system, and make quick changes to clusters using a GUI. VMC also makes it simple to run SQL directly to understand current state.

By default, VMC is served from port 8080 from any active VoltDB node. Once you’ve downloaded and started VoltDB, open up a browser and explore.

VoltDB admin tools dashboard

VoltDB Deployment Manager (VDM)

VoltDB clusters are easy to start from the command line on individual nodes, but what if you want a more managed approach? VDM provides both a web-based interface for interactively configuring and starting clusters and a REST API for remote scripting. The Deployment Manager also integrates with the VoltDB Management Center to support the entire database lifecycle.

The main component of the VDM is the deployment engine – a daemon process that runs on all servers where you want to manage the deployment of VoltDB databases. The deployment engine comes as part of the VoltDB software kit, so any server with VoltDB installed can start the daemon process and be managed by VDM.


sqlcmd is the command line SQL console for VoltDB, which works much like any other relational database’s console. You can execute individual queries or stored procedures. You can act interactively, or pipe in a script.


voltadmin is the command line tool for administrative commands, including everything from updating configuration, to creating backups, to performing major version upgrades. Our goal is to be as straightforward and consistent as possible, where complex operations can often be reduced to a brief, one-line command. This tool allows users to directly administer VoltDB clusters, or to embed commands in shell scripts or other automation.


All of the tools mentioned above are built on core VoltDB monitoring and management APIs. VoltDB supports most operations using either HTTP/JSON clients or VoltDB native clients calling built-in administrative stored procedures. In fact, all of these tools are fully open-source and developers can inspect exactly which APIs are being used by each tool.

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