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VoltDB enhances Nokia Open Telecom Application Server (Open TAS)

Mobile subscriber services benefit from VoltDB’s fast data capabilities

BEDFORD, Mass. – January 13, 2016 – VoltDB, the company behind the leading in-memory SQL database that combines streaming analytics with transaction processing in a single, horizontal scale-out platform, today announced that Nokia Networks has deployed VoltDB to provide real-time data solutions that enhance mobile subscriber services through Nokia Open Telecom Application Server (Open TAS), a component of the Nokia Telco Cloud.

Mobile broadband operators must manage unpredictable traffic growth, driving the need for faster implementation of new services to provide superior customer experiences. As a result, they are moving their networks to the cloud. VoltDB’s proven, fast, online transaction processing (OLTP) database helps Nokia Networks accelerate time to market for Open TAS and to reduce management complexity. Operator customers will benefit from precise and timely billing, advanced customer service, social network integration, incoming call filtering, parental controls and more.

“VoltDB’s real-time data management capabilities help make a mobile operator’s network highly adaptable and flexible to meet changing subscriber needs,” said Jochen Griesshammer, Head of Technical Management, Liquid Core at Nokia Networks. “Operators will be able to deliver superior customer experience, in real time and cost-effectively, regardless of network demands.”

VoltDB is the SQL relational database with the highest throughput and the lowest latency, and it is specifically built to tap the value of fast data. It enables developers to build fast data pipelines by combining the capabilities of an operational database, streaming analytics and per-event transactions in a single, integrated platform.

“The development of real-time applications requires a focus on more than just speed. Organizations require context from fast streams of data to make business decisions in the moment,” said Bruce Reading, president and CEO, VoltDB. “VoltDB’s high-performance, event-oriented, transactional database enables technology leaders such as Nokia Networks to further reduce complexity while accelerating time to market.”

VoltDB recently released Version 5.8 of its OLTP database, which is available for download at: http://voltdb.com/download/software.

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