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  • VoltDB Partners with Open System Development to Help Power Billing for the Ministry of Finance, Kazakhstan

VoltDB Partners with Open System Development to Help Power Billing for the Ministry of Finance, Kazakhstan

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VoltDB database platform selected as backbone for Kazakhstan’s national invoice system

VoltDB, the enterprise-class database that powers real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data, today announced that it has been selected by independent systems integrator, Open System Development (OSD), to support the national invoice system for the ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. VoltDB enables Kazakhstan’s invoice system users to work with multiple directories of the system, such as lists of taxpayers, goods, services, addresses and more, and offers immediate access to this data.

With its guaranteed consistency and 100 percent ACID compliance, VoltDB enables the mission critical application to operate in real time without threat of crashing, losing data or providing inconsistent or inaccurate data. VoltDB also powers OSD’s Virtual Warehouse module that monitors the movement of goods from the moment of import or production, to the final customer sale, boosting the number of OSD users to over 400,000.

“Today, our system is critical for all value added tax (VAT) payers in Kazakhstan, and response speed is one of the most sensitive parameters. Only VoltDB offers the ability to process extremely high-volume data streams in real time with complete accuracy,” said Anvar Sadykov, CEO of OSD. “Our system is involved in every cashless deal in Kazakhstan, and by the end of this year will be involved in every sale in the whole country. I can say with full confidence that VoltDB is now one the most important parts of our system.”

“The application that OSD and the Ministry of Finance in Kazakhstan have deployed with VoltDB is an ideal use-case,” said David Flower, CEO of VoltDB. “Our product has been designed from the ground up to support mission critical applications that cannot afford down time or data loss, and must linearly scale to perform transactions at predictably high speed.”

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VoltDB powers applications that require real-time decisions on streaming data. By immediately connecting insights with action, VoltDB enables a more agile, intelligent and data-driven enterprise. No other database can fuel applications that require a combination of speed, scale, volume and accuracy. VoltDB was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, winner of the ACM Turing award.

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