VoltDB Partner Program for OEMs

Maximize Your Real-Time Business Opportunities

The convergence of 5G, streaming data, machine learning and fast data analytics is presenting OEMs with a wealth of new business opportunities.

After years of partnering with major OEMs like Amdocs, HPE, Huawei and Nokia, we understand your needs and we’ve tailored every touchpoint and process to fast-track your success.


Why Become an OEM Partner with VoltDB?

  • Compliment and strengthen your proprietary solutions, and ensure a competitive, technical, and innovative advantage in the market
  • A highly customizable and widely adaptable technology, VoltDB’s proven stability and broad compatibility enables a short go-to-market time
  • Our engineering teams are constantly creating new innovations and enhancements to ensure we continue to be a foundational technology that your developers can count on
  • VoltDB’s licensing model aligns and scales with your business
  • We provide developer, administrator, and level 1 support training, including 24/7 support for critical incidents

Join the VoltDB Partner Program

Need More Proof?

In July 2020, Amdocs announced its acquisition of Openet, and we were thrilled to hear the news. We’ve partnered with Openet for many years, and proudly watched them evolve to become a global leader in 5G charging, policy and data management.

Openet has long used VoltDB to power its best-in-class digital and 5G business support systems, which is why we put together this summary of the technology strengths Amdocs gained as a result of the acquisition.

Take a look and think about what you could build with VoltDB.

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