What Is VoltDB?

VoltDB is the only in-memory, operational database purpose-built to help businesses build high velocity applications.

In today’s data-intensive world, your competitive advantage depends on your ability to process data and make real-time decisions. By collecting, analyzing and acting upon live streams of data, you can make the right decision and deliver more personalized interactions that create superior business value.

VoltDB makes this level of instantaneous decision-making possible by combining the best elements of modern and traditional database technology:

icon-23.png The speed + scalability of the best distributed data architectures combined with the ACID transactionality of traditional RBDMs.
icon-24.png The consistency + reliability you need deployed with a more streamlined, simpler architecture.
icon-21.png The tools + languages developers already know.

Good Operational Databases Make Building Applications Possible – Great Ones Make it Exciting

We created VoltDB with one simple question in mind:

What would the world's top companies build if presented with a data management solution that seamlessly integrated the contextual data they already have with data they are receiving now?

The answer is some pretty amazing applications with heightened personalization, reduced latency and greater accuracy. Our customers continue to inspire us by building richer and faster applications with VoltDB. What does “richer and faster” look like?

Developing a Real-time Event Decisioning (ERED) platform for mobile operators that resulted in a 253 percent increase in acceptance rates based on personalized, real-time offers as opposed to near-time offers – all delivered in under 250 milliseconds. Learn More

Creating a more personalized customer loyalty campaign on behalf of an international airline that now launches in days instead of months – delivering hundreds of thousands of successful transactions per second. Learn More

Increasing player retention by 200 percent and revenue by 40 percent by simultaneously providing hundreds of thousands of online gamers with personalized gaming experiences. Learn More

Features + Benefits

1. Enhanced Speed + Performance

VoltDB is an in-memory, operational database built to rapidly import, operate on, and then export HUGE amounts of data at lightning speed. Its robust architecture combines the best of traditional transactional databases with the speed and scalability of newer entrants. The result?

An immediately consistent version of transactional truth – every time.

Ridiculous Stats: Real-world VoltDB applications achieve latencies 99.999% of the time at throughputs exceeding 300,000 transactions per second on commodity 3-node clusters.

Superior Data Ingestion & Automated Export: Supporting the ingestion of data to selected tables from external sources (either using one of several data loading utilities for one-time import of data OR using a database server process to stream data). Specify tables in the schema as sources for export.

Integrated Kafka Import & Export: Providing the ability to import multiple streams to different tables or stored procedures simultaneously. Import different Kafka topics from a single set of brokers, or from different brokers, to separate tables - all without writing a single line of code. Data can also be exported to multiple targets, including Kafka and Hadoop, simultaneously.

2. Reliability + Consistency

Rest assured – we never lose data!

Some associate the term “in-memory” with potential data loss. VoltDB eliminates the risk of data loss by employing a
sophisticated “behind the scenes” process, snapshotting data records at fractional intervals.

Should power loss ever occur, our servers can automatically replay logs and reconcile transactional accuracy without you having to do a thing.

ACID properties for Reliability: Built with the ACID reliability heavily depended on by many mission critical applications, including stock trades, digital advertisements and telecom operational SLAs. Translation: Once changes to a record are made, you can be certain data is correct and no data is lost.

Serializable Isolation: While other systems offer multiple levels of isolation – with a performance trade-off between better performance (weak guarantees) and slower performance (strong guarantees) – our design facilitates high throughput OLTP-style transactions, while maintaining an ACID multi-statement SQL programming interface.

Capable of surviving single + multi-node failures: Supports transactionally rejoining failed nodes back to a surviving cluster and re-balancing existing data and processing to new nodes.

3. Scalability + Flexibility

Building scalable applications with VoltDB is as simple as building with LEGO®s. Have a great idea for a new component? VoltDB's scalable architecture allows developers to instantly add nodes (elastically and linearly) to accelerate performance.

Want to quickly expand your throughput without purchasing a costly new server? Just add some nodes on the fly. Most clusters are 3-20 nodes in size (a 16 node cluster can run upwards of 6 million durable, ACID SQL transactions per second).

Cloud Ready: VoltDB's customers frequently deploy their database systems in public clouds. These systems are first-class supported platforms. While Amazon Web Services is the most popular among our users, we have customers using Azure, SoftLayer and others. We also have customers who deploy to cloud-style private platforms. More on Cloud Readiness 

Open Source: We make our code available under the popular AGPL license, and offer a free community edition which is used by many community members and educational organizations. We encourage prospects to inspect our code using the community edition. More open source details 

In-memory, Scale-out, Massively Parallel: VoltDB is an in-memory, scale-out, massively parallel operational database. Designed for high performance and low latency, VoltDB’s shared-nothing, cluster-native, cloud-friendly architecture offers high availability, redundancy, and fault tolerance. With VoltDB, you can build transactional, database-oriented applications against data feeds that were previously limited to stream processing methods because of scale. 

4. Real-Time Personalization + Decision Making

Customer interaction, resource optimization, security and fraud prevention – each of these benefit from applications that can quickly respond to incoming data. VoltDB's architecture provides applications with high-throughput and low-latency response for better real-time decision making.

Low Latency: An average of 1 millisecond latency allows personalization parameters to be calculated in service of superior user experiences. High velocity, request-response applications gain better context.

OLAP Segmentation: VoltDB helps businesses execute against insights and segmentation models developed from data at rest with OLAP databases. Using historical segmentation models in combination with real-time campaign strategies allows for per-event contextual decision making.

5. Compatible With Products + Tools You Already Use

Another great thing customers like about VoltDB? We designed it to work with the products and tools you already know and love.

SQL Familiarity: We didn't reinvent the wheel when creating VoltDB. Instead, we sought to combine the best of the options already available. And that meant using SQL – the world's most popular data language. When paired with the capabilities of our operational, in-memory database, we call it NewSQL.

Hadoop Compatibility: Provides the ability to ingest data as fast as it arrives; perform real-time analytics in-memory; make automated decisions in real time; and continuously pass, or export, processed data into Hadoop's big data framework. And if you have data warehouses in your environment, we can export data seamlessly to the major offerings including Teradata, Vertica, IBM Netezza, etc. Click here to learn more about our integration with the Hadoop ecosystem.

Monitoring Tools: VoltDB can be integrated with third-party monitoring solutions so they become part of your overall enterprise monitoring architecture. Compatible monitoring systems include Ganglia, JMX, Nagios and New Relic. Click here to learn more about monitoring tool compatibility.

Native Drivers: Drivers and SDKs that allow you to connect applications using languages such as: C++, C#, Node.js, Python, PHP, Java (Maven), JDBC, JSON, Go (golang), and Erlang. Click here to download native drivers.

Community or Enterprise: Which Option Is Best?

VoltDB comes in two editions: Enterprise and Community (open-source). Many developers choose to begin interacting with VoltDB via our free Community Edition. It includes many of the same features as the Enterprise Edition, including:

If you’re looking for the power of VoltDB, but don’t need the durability, high availability, and export integrations that are essential to transactionality, the open source Community Edition is the version for you. NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: Beef up your resume with a certification from VoltDB University, while learning about the core technologies + techniques that make VoltDB applications fast and reliable. Our structured, online training course will teach you how to build high-performance applications and operating production clusters using VoltDB.

Community Edition

  • High-throughput SQL operational database
  • In-memory analytics for real-time visibility
  • Manual scale-out on commodity servers
  • VoltDB Management Console

If you are developing commercial applications that your organization is relying on, our Enterprise edition is for you.

Not only is it more reliable, it also comes with unlimited customer support. So that you can stay an expert in YOUR business without having to simultaneously become a software development company. VoltDB Enterprise edition features:

Enterprise Edition

  • High-throughput database with SQL and ACID transaction support
  • In-memory analytics for real-time visibility
  • Elastically scale out the cluster with no downtime
  • Full disk durable and built-in high availability
  • VoltDB Management Console
Features Community Enterprise
High-throughput SQL operational database    
In-memory analytics for real-time visibility    
Manual scale-out on commodity servers    
Elastically scale out the cluster with no downtime    
Full disk durable and built-in high availability    
Database replication for disaster recovery    
VoltDB Management Console    
Export integrations to Hadoop and OLAP databases    

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