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VoltDB v5.7 available!
Take a moment to download VoltDB v5.7 today, and explore new features including the ability to selectively create and restore snapshots on a per-table basis, availability of new importer statistics, improvements to our PHP client, the ability to set query timeouts on a per query basis, and improvements to the VoltDB Management Center. Download today!


Don’t miss our next webinar – Fast Data – the New Big Data Don’t miss our next webinar – Fast Data – the New Big Data
VoltDB’s Peter Vescuso will host a webinar next week, ‘Fast Data – the New Big Data’. The webinar is designed to address questions you may have if you’re building apps for fast, unbounded streams of data. Vescuso will present use cases and lessons learned building a data management system that supports actions and streaming analytics in real-time without sacrificing transactional integrity, performance, and scale. Sign up here.

Disambiguating ACID and CAP – new blog from John Hugg Disambiguating ACID and CAP – new blog from John Hugg
ACID and CAP are two important – and oft-misunderstood – concepts in data management and distributed systems. John Hugg, the first engineer to work on the commercial implementation of VoltDB and our Developer Evangelist, put together this clear, concise and informative blog on what ACID and CAP really are – and why they’re important to developers building real time applications that use high velocity data feeds. Check it out!

Kinesis – a rant from CTO Ryan Betts Kinesis – a rant from CTO Ryan Betts
Sometimes tutorials are helpful. Other times they show the fundamental weaknesses of what you’re describing. So it is with Amazon’s Kinesis tutorial, which prompted CTO Ryan Betts to rip off this rant on complexity – why it’s bad, especially for developers who value results (correct results) over unnecessary complexity. Read it.

Flipkart chooses VoltDB Flipkart chooses VoltDB
We’re excited to share the news that Flipkart, India's largest online marketplace (think the Amazon of India), has selected VoltDB to horizontally scale its real-time order management system. Flipkart offers more than 30 million products across 70+ different categories. Its update of an existing order management system required a multi-tier architecture designed to handle scale and ACID transactionality in different tiers. VoltDB will underpin the new architecture to provide a unified, relational view of the Flipkart’s order management data.
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