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VoltDB v5.6 ready for download!
We invite you to download our newest release, VoltDB v5.6, which introduces rack-aware partitioning, and new importers and exporters for Kafka and the Hadoop ecosystem.

Review the release notes here, and download today!


Strata + Hadoop NY 2015 Strata + Hadoop NY 2015
This week most of sales and marketing headed to the O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop conference at the Javits Conference Center in New York. Highlights included a presentation by CEO and president Bruce Reading, who talked about the ’10 Millisecond Rule – Getting to Yes with fast data and Hadoop'; a slick demo using Spark and VoltDB put together by John Hugg, who ran the demo; and a gorgeous booth. John was also on hand to sign the new O’Reilly eBook he co-authored with CTO Ryan Betts, Fast Data: Smart and at Scale (What? You don’t have your copy yet? Download it here.) For a quick overview of trends we spotted at the event, check out our blog here.

Forrester webinar Forrester webinar
Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri and VoltDB’s Peter Vescuso hosted a webinar this week, ‘The State of Streaming Analytics: The Need for Speed and Scale’, during which Gualtieri talked at length about Translytics. Forrester defines Translytical databases as a single unified database that supports transactions and analytics in real-time without sacrificing transactional integrity, performance and scale. Why is this important? Gualtieri discussed ‘perishable insights’ – “moments in time, represented by streams of data - insights that you can only benefit from if you take action on them right away.” He really gets fast data, and the value VoltDB offers to all our customers and partners. To listen to the webinar, click here.

Ovum report focuses on VoltDB’s value to Telcos Ovum report focuses on VoltDB’s value to Telcos
Clare McCarthy, telco analyst at Ovum, wrote an opinion piece, ‘VoltDB Version 5.6 can keep telcos’ business critical applications running’. Ms. McCarthy writes: “If there is one thing that telcos agree on, it is that they should use their data assets more effectively. It is fundamental to their digital transformation and Internet of Things (IoT) strategies, and it is their route to competing more effectively with the disruptive, online players.” The report discusses why VoltDB v5.6 – in particular, our newly-announced active/active database replication feature – holds the answer for telcos competing on a global scale. Read the report here.

Test, test, then test some more Test, test, then test some more
The name Ruth Morgenstein is probably familiar to many of you. Ruth, VoltDB Manager of QA and Support, is extremely passionate about delivering a high quality VoltDB database offering. Ruth put together the first in a series of blog posts on her philosophy of Quality, how we test at VoltDB, and what it means to our developer-first culture. If you’ve ever wondered to whom you’re speaking in the middle of the night, it’s probably Ruth, or one of her customer success team members – Peter Zhao or Ben Ballard. Read the post to learn more about how Ruth makes sure VoltDB runs fast and correctly, in a variety of deployments, use cases, and applications – and how she and her team plan to keep it that way.

We heart interns

We heart interns
Every year, VoltDB’s VP of Engineering John Piekos scours the best computer science schools for interns, and every year we select four or five of the top candidates to spend the summer learning about VoltDB. It’s not just theoretical work, either – our interns contribute code, run projects during Innovation Week, and work on shipping product. We’ll be featuring blogs from this year’s interns - read some here, here and here.


We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!
We’re always on the lookout for top talent. One req – for a new Director of Product Marketing – is near and dear to your editor’s heart. Find the description for this position, as well as others, here.

Why work at VoltDB?
Culture is incredibly important at startups. VoltDB does a lot in this area, much of it to benefit local charities such as St. Baldrick’s, an organization committed to ending childhood cancer; Care to Communities, an organization CEO Bruce Reading helped build – it’s a non-profit focused on saving lives by delivering sustainable primary health care to women and children in developing countries; Habitat for Humanity, and others. Then there’s the typical ‘fun’ stuff – bowling, Ping-Pong, pizza Fridays, beer (not as much as one would expect), and more. This year, VoltDB kicked off our internal Fantasy Football league; Jim Mullady, Sales Engineer, is our “Commish” (stand aside, Roger, you’re outclassed) and is, coincidentally, crushing the league.

We all have different reasons for going to work every day. Culture plays a big part in why we choose our employers, and why we stay. We may not be defined by the company we keep, but our lives can be enriched, and our work validated, by a strong company culture.


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