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VoltDB v6.5 available!

The current heat wave spreading across North America won't stop the VoltDB monthly releases this summer! In fact our July release, v6.5, is chock full of features: new SQL support (the VoltDB SELECT statement now supports full outer joins, new SQL functions have been added to validate TIMESTAMP values, and you can now use Boolean literals in SQL conditional expressions. In addition, we’ve added new, improved clients for ODBC and Go, and have improved performance for large schema updates. Read more in the Release Notes.

Download VoltDB v6.5 today!


Webinars Webinars
July was a blockbuster month for webinars. Kyle Kingsbury, described by Founding Engineer John Hugg as the ‘embarrasser of databases’, talked about what he found in VoltDB v6.3 in his Jepsen test. In the webinar, “Jepsen Test: What VoltDB Learned About Data Accuracy and Consistency”, Kyle explained the tests he devised for VoltDB v6.3 – the strictest tests any distributed database has been subjected to – and the results. VoltDB’s John Hugg also reviewed what we did with the issues Kyle found in the tests – we fixed everything, and released VoltDB v6.4, which passes Jepsen with flying colors. Listen to a replay.

In the “Moving Beyond Batch - Transactional Databases for Real-time Data” webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri and Dennis Duckworth, Director of Product Marketing from VoltDB, explored how enterprises can create a real-time, “origin-zero” data architecture within transactional databases to become a real-time enterprise. The replay is here.

Note that all of our previous webinars are available as recorded presentations.


On the Blog

On the Blog
The ever-controversial David Rolfe posted a recent blog, ‘Lies, Damned Lies and “Eventual Consistency”’. The post stirred up a lot of discussion, both on Twitter and within VoltDB’s engineering team. Read it and let us know what you think!

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