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VoltDB v5.4 ready for download!
Our newest release, VoltDB v5.4, is available for download. The release adds important new features, including enhancements to VoltDB’s next generation Database Replication (DR) capability; new command log statistics; additional SQL support, and a number of enhancements to the VoltDB Management Center (VMC).

Note we’ve also changed the behavior of Admin Mode. Previously, a database in Admin Mode rejected all requests on the client port. Now, Admin Mode operates as a read-only mode for the database. All write requests on the client port are rejected, but read-only transactions (and read-only system procedures) are allowed. As before, both read-only and read/write transactions are allowed on the Admin port.

Review the excellent release notes here, and download today!


VoltDB conquers Couch to 5K challenge VoltDB conquers Couch to 5K challenge
Some people run because they like to (are they nuts?). Some people run to lose weight or reduce stress. And some people run because all their work colleagues are running. Here at VoltDB, we combined all of the above into a fun Couch-to-5K challenge, proposed by CEO Bruce Reading and our Activities committee.

Twenty-one people from our Bedford HQ participated in an eight-week, once-a week training run and then headed to the race course. This included engineers, summer engineering interns, and dedicated runners Sue Fitton, who organized the run, and VP Engineering John Piekos. Bike-aficionados Peter Vescuso and Peter Shaw also joined in. One lucky intern - Rui Shen, from Carnegie Mellon University - took home the top prize: an Apple iWatch. Read all about it here.

VoltDB and financial services - yes, there’s a match VoltDB and financial services - yes, there’s a match
Marc Firenze, CTO of Eagle Investment Systems (a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon), joined VoltDB’s Peter Vescuso to discuss the latest financial market data management trends, which include a growing need for real-time data consistency. Firenze addressed how Eagle turned to VotDB for its in-memory database architecture, which enables Eagle’s high performance, scale-out applications without sacrificing data guarantees. Eagle also relies on VoltDB’s combination of streaming analytics and fast operational data store to meet the bank’s need for next-gen data management services. Listen to the webinar here.

Linux Transparent Huge Pages - not so transparent after all Linux Transparent Huge Pages - not so transparent after all
Ning Shi, a senior developer and leader of the Database Replication scrum team at VoltDB, was called upon to track down a very elusive bug. Early indications pointed to a memory leak in VoltDB, but investigation turned up a mis-behaving operating system setting. It turns out the culprit was - wait for it - Linux Transparent Huge Pages.

For those of us who haven’t run into the evils of Linux Transparent Huge Pages before, take a look at Ning’s blog post detailing how he and his team tracked down the bug - and what they did for a workaround.

Analytics and our connected world Analytics and our connected world
VoltDB co-founder Scott Jarr and Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist of O’Reilly Media, got together to discuss analytics and their impact on our increasingly connected world in this podcast. The conversation spanned IoT, mobile devices, the value of in-transaction analytics and more. View the O’Reilly post on O’Reilly Radar, and listen to the thought-provoking podcast today.

It’s all SQL, all the time - even for NoSQL vendors

It’s all SQL, all the time - even for NoSQL vendors
VoltDB CTO Ryan Betts writes about how SQL is experiencing a resurgence among, quelle surprise, the NoSQL set in his article, “Coming Full Circle: Why SQL Now Powers the NoSQL Craze”, published in this month’s Dataconomy. Take a look at the article to read about the reasons behind the introduction of N1QL, CQL and more - and learn why VoltDB has always had SQL as part of its architecture.


Join our webinar next week Join our webinar next week
Next Thursday, August 6th, we’re holding a webinar with our customer DataMentors to discuss “Fast Data with In-transaction Analytics for Real-time Revenue”. During this webinar DataMentors’ Anders Ekman and Peter Vescuso will cover how to enhance big data with real-time behavioral data, and implementing a Data-as-a-Service solution to help clients access real-time data for immediate, actionable insight. They also will discuss a use case highlighting how integrating real-time behavioral data into proactive marketing campaigns can transform the marketplace. Sign up to hear more!
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