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VoltDB v6.4 available!

June marks the beginning of summer. The weather here in Boston sure has been warming up lately! Despite the recent heat, VoltDB’s developers worked hard to release v6.4. V6.4 includes XDCR between clusters of different sizes, new Kinesis import and export properties, new and enhanced SQL functions, and improved processing under network partition events. Further information about the update can be found in the release notes, and the Using VoltDB manual.

Download VoltDB v6.4 today!


We presented two informative webinars in June. The first, “Arguments for a United IoT Architecture,” was presented by Ryan Betts, CTO of VoltDB. Ryan highlighted the benefits of the emerging unified IoT architecture and provided insight into how IoT sensor management can benefit from a high throughput, scalable and consistent operational database.

Our most recent webinar, “Eat Your Data and Have It Too: Get the Blazing Performance of In-Memory Operations While Keeping Your Data Safe,” was presented by Dennis Duckworth and David Rolfe. The webinar discusses how an in-memory operational database can deliver durability, persistence, speed, and performance in industries such as mobile/telco, financial services, media & advertising, retail, and IoT.

Even if you missed these webinars, they, and all of our previous webinars, are available as recorded presentations.



Architecting for the Internet of Things
VoltDB’s own Ryan Betts has written an eBook with O’Reilly Media, “Architecting for the Internet of Things.” Betts writes about the important role operational databases play in the emerging IoT reference architecture. Make sure you receive your complimentary copy!



On the blog
Dheeraj Remella, VoltDB director of solutions architecture, contributed a post to our blog about VoltDB’s role in the NFV stack. VoltDB is working with telco customers and partners to provide a key range of subscriber elements to their NFV stacks. Read the post to learn more.


Welcoming our summer interns!

Welcoming our summer interns!
We are pleased to welcome four interns to VoltDB this summer! They’ve all been hard at work on their assigned projects. Femi Olukoya is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and works with the Database Replication team, with responsibility for expanding our testing infrastructure. Brown University’s Yuxuan Chen and Yulong Tian are pursuing Master’s degrees in Computer Science. Yuxuan is on the Ecosystem Integrations team, and Yulong recently joined the distributed database project team under Stan Zdonik’s supervision, in addition to working on our Database Replication team. Our fourth intern is Rachael Harding, who is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at MIT. Rachael is on the SQL team, and is supervised by Mike Stonebraker on her focus, distributed databases. We are lucky to have these four at VoltDB, and thank Andy Pavlo, Stan Zdonik and Mike Stonebraker for sharing their great students with us!

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