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VoltDB v5.3 released and available for download
We’re pleased to announce VoltDB v5.3 has been released and is ready to download. In this iteration, our engineers focused on increasing SQL subquery support; enhancing the VoltDB Management Center (VMC) with more granular control of Database Replication from both the Admin and Monitor tabs; extending export capabilities by enabling editing of the configuration of export streams in the Admin tab; and providing SHA-256 hashing of passwords when authenticating to servers with security enabled.
View the release notes here.

Download VoltDB v5.3 today!

Slack Chat room now available Slack Chat room now available
It’s easier than ever to reach out to VoltDB engineers with a question. John Hugg, a founding engineer who has taken on responsibility for community evangelism, created a Slack Chat room for customers and users of VoltDB. Request an invite by visiting the site: http://chat.voltdb.com.

Summer interns join VoltDB engineering team Summer interns join VoltDB engineering team
We’re fortunate to have four interns join our engineering team for the summer. Yiqun Zhang is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Houston. He joins the CORE (SQL) team, led by Paul Martel. Rui Shen is a Master’s student at CMU. He joins the Database Replication (DR) team, led by Ning Shi. Liam White, a senior at University of Maryland, also joins the DR team. Qingyang Wang, a PhD candidate at WPI, has joined the Ecosystem Integration Team (ECO) team, led by Anish Khanzode.

VoltDB achieves certification in Cloudera Certified Technology Program VoltDB achieves certification in Cloudera Certified Technology Program
We’ve achieved certification of VoltDB’s fast data platform on the latest release of Cloudera Enterprise CDH5 through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program (CCTP), thanks to the efforts of VoltDB’s Customer Success Manager, Ben Ballard. Our partnership with Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, is significant, as many enterprises (and VoltDB customers) rely on Hadoop for their Big Data Lakes. The VoltDB Cloudera certification, along with the Hortonworks certification earlier this year, officially endorses VoltDB’s ability to integrate our fast data processing with the leading Hadoop ecosystems.

New on the blog New on the blog
Long-time VoltDB customer Dan Khasis contributed two blogs recently. One guides users through the benefits of managing growing tables, with tips on how to improve performance by setting up proper export of data from tables. Dan’s second post, Keeping Track of Counters Efficiently, speaks to improving scalability by improving the ways in which you count the number of actions happening within the database. Check the posts out and let us know what you think on Slack.

This month also features a fact-filled post on the Internet of Things. Sue Fitton writes about the speed with which the Asia Pacific region has adopted IoT – and what it means for the competitiveness of organizations within and outside the region.

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VoltDB Presents: Managing the Fast Data Pipeline from Ingest to Export
Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 11:30 am ET
By: John Hugg, Founding Engineer, VoltDB
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