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VoltDB releases v5.2
VoltDB v.5.2 is now available for download. This significant release has something for everyone – enhancements to database replication (DR), Hadoop ecosystem enhancements, more SQL (always a good thing) and more functionality in the VoltDB Management Center (VMC).
View the release notes here.
  • Ability for DR to resume across cluster outages
  • Secure export to Hadoop using Kerberos
  • Support for partial indexes
  • New bitwise functions
  • New ‘idle time’ graph in VMC
  • New voltadmin command
Download VoltDB v5.2 today!

VoltDB co-founder Mike Stonebraker on Oracle, Facebook, and the future VoltDB co-founder Mike Stonebraker on Oracle, Facebook, and the future
Barron’s reporter Tiernan Ray caught up with VoltDB co-founder Mike Stonebraker to talk about databases, legends, and the problems facing Facebook, which he describes in the article as “the biggest database problem in the world.”

Never afraid of controversy and always willing to provide a glimpse into the future of data management, Stonebraker comments on how data is changing (graphs, scientific data, social media, web logs), pointing to the need for new ways of handling data flows, and commenting on the direction of NoSQL and Hadoop. Read the interview with the Turing award-winner here.

On the Blog On the Blog: Explaining materialized views; NoSQL vs. NewSQL – how to choose, and more
Confused about materialized views? John Hugg and Ryan Betts explain what they are and how to use them on the blog, drawing a comparison between views and (streaming) MapReduce.

Ryan also describes how to make the choice between NoSQL and NewSQL in this second blog post, making the point that choosing the right tool for the job at hand is often the most important decision a developer can make.

Read the blogs here.

Emagine Case Study available Emagine Speaks
Emagine International CEO David Peters shares his take on fast data and the need for speed (less than 250 ms, for the record) in this webinar. Emagine develops and delivers telecommunications-grade software for customers such as Vodafone, Singtel Optus, Vodacom, Etisalat, True Move, CSL and Telstra. They selected VoltDB’s in-memory scale-out SQL database as the core of the Emagine Real-time Event Decisioning (ERED) platform.

Peters also speaks out in this short video – view it to learn more about how Emagine enables CSPs to capitalize on massive amounts of data in real time with VoltDB.

For more new case studies, click here

New webinars New webinars: How to Build Real-Time Streaming Analytics with an In-memory, Scale-out SQL Database
Ryan Betts, VoltDB CTO, describes why streaming aggregation is a key to streaming analytics. Ryan also dives into how SQL can be used in combination with streaming aggregation, and the benefits of up-to-date analytics for per-event transactions and insights. View the webinar.

Check out our newest webinars on how to simplify the complex Lambda architecture, Mike Stonebraker’s views on why enterprises need a new corporate data architecture, and more. View the webinars here.
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