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VoltDB v6.1 available!
Happy Leap Year, and welcome to our latest customer letter. How did you use the extra day? Maybe it’s time to join VoltDB University and go for VoltDB Vanguard Certification. Or you could download v6.1, which features a new concept for VoltDB – streams! Read more about the new functionality in v6.1 – views on streams, new support for geospatial indexes, and sign up to try out the Beta of our new VoltDB Deployment Manager – a daemon process that supports both a RESTful API for scripting and a fully interactive web interface. Download today!


The ACID test The ACID test
Founding developer John Hugg knows the value of ACID for transactional applications. He’s written two new posts that are can’t miss for anyone with questions about the ACID properties, especially consistency, the hobgoblin of NoSQL databases that promise the world but only deliver on their promises eventually – which in many, many cases is far too late. Take a moment to read John’s latest post here.

VoltDB University takes you to school

VoltDB University takes you to school
VoltDB information architect Andrew Gent has updated the first five lessons and tests on VoltDB University. Please take a few minutes to view the lessons and try your hand on the tests.


Don’t miss our new Webinar!

Don’t miss our new Webinar Series!
On Wednesday, we kicked off our Executive Webinar Series, designed for CIOs, enterprise architects, and Line-of-Business technology managers with "Fast Data for Competitive Advantage: 4 Steps to Expand your Window of Opportunity". If you missed it, click here to watch the recorded presentation.

The second webinar in the series, How First to Value Beats First to Market: Case Studies of Fast Data Success, will feature co-hosts: VoltDB CMO Peter Vescuso and VoltDB partner Openet CEO Niall Norton, who will outline key metrics and evaluation criteria for three case studies that delivered superior value, profitability and growth. Peter will discuss how innovative companies in Mobile/Telco, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, and Internet of Things (IoT) have successfully tapped into the fast data opportunity. Nial will then demonstrate how leveraging a disruptive database technology dramatically improved competitive differentiation and business operations.

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