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VoltDB v6.0 available!
We’re celebrating a near miss with winter storm Jonas, and also mourning a difficult loss to Peyton Manning’s Broncos. Never fear, Brady and Belichick will be back! But before we go there, let’s discuss VoltDB news.

The big news for VoltDB is the announcement of our v6 release, which features geospatial SQL support and also for XDCR support for active-active replication across geographically-dispersed data centers. This is the kind of enhancement many of our enterprise customers clamor for, and we’re very pleased to deliver it. Download today!


Speaking of VoltDB v6.0 – new blog from John Piekos Speaking of VoltDB v6.0 – new blog from John Piekos
Our VP of Engineering, John Piekos, put together a very informative blog post on all the goodness and benefits of VoltDB v6, including a great deep-dive on geospatial and XDCR. Take a moment to read it here.

Don’t miss our new Webinars!

Don’t miss our new Webinars!
Our next webinar, Simplicity, Accuracy, Speed: How MaxCDN Solved Real-Time Reporting and Billing on Fast + Big Data, features Behzad Pirvali, Principal Architect of MaxCDN, an LA-based content delivery network, will discuss how he used VoltDB to achieve simplicity, accuracy, and speed - the three things everyone wants from their data architecture. Dial in to learn how MaxCDN used VoltDB, the world’s fastest operational DB with fast data pipeline, to reduce the number of managed environments by 2/3 times with 1/10th of CPU cycles required with alternative solutions – which MaxCDN managed while achieving 100% billing accuracy on 32 TB of daily web server data.

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We have a new website! We’re excited because it not only includes all the technical detail you could want – it also calls out the business benefits of VoltDB you’ll need to make a case to your Line of Business Owners. Take a read here, and let us know what else you’d like to see.

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