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The Latest and Greatest: VoltDB v4.5   Webcast: Unlocking the Economic Value of Fast Data in the Cloud   Sakura Secures Against DDoS with VoltDB
VoltDB v5.0 Available

VoltDB v5.0 has shipped and is available for download. We’re very excited to bring important new capabilities to you - read on for a synopsis, and visit VP of Engineering John Piekos’ post for more detail here

No more VoltDB catalog – We’ve simplified building a high-performance database. You can now start an empty VoltDB database, connect, and create your database schema dynamically – no need to define your database and stored procedures ahead of time.

Ecosystem integration – Additional integrations into the Hadoop/Big Data ecosystem are designed to help ingest streaming data, process it within VoltDB, and export data seamlessly to a historical data warehouse.

Additional SQL – More is better!

Read the blog – and download v5.0!

In New Sample App, VoltDB Simplifies Lambda – in 30 Lines of Code

John Hugg, motivated by a real-world Lambda implementation presentation he saw at Facebook’s @Scale conference, decided to take a very complicated Lambda Architecture app and rewrite it with VoltDB – in ~30 lines of logic code.

The new app, ‘Unique Devices’, can be found in the VoltDB installation and is written from the point of view of a provider of services to mobile app developers. The app makes it incredibly fast to perform real-time analytics on streams of data representing unique device usage, giving devs an exact count of how many unique devices have used a mobile developer’s app on any given day.

Check out the new sample app and let developer John Hugg (@jhugg) know what you think!

The app is included in the v5.0 kit, provided at download.

  Check out how VoltDB Compares to Alternatives Like Apache Storm, Lambda, Apache Spark Streaming, Amazon Kinesis

We’ve been busy adding content for developers to the website. In addition to our frequently updated documentation, take a look at the Products section for a deep dive on VoltDB and Hadoop ecosystem integration; new use cases; and comparisons of VoltDB and open source projects Apache Storm, the Lambda Architecture, Apache Spark Streaming, in addition to Amazon Kinesis.

We’d love to hear what’s useful, and what new content you’d like to see next.

View now →
Introducing the VoltJolt Thought Leader Coffee Talk Series   On Demand: Changing the Game with deltaDNA   VoltDB – In the Cloud
On the Blog: Hadoop and Fast Data, JSON

We’re pleased to share several informative new posts on the blog from Stefano Santoro, Ning Shi and John Crawford. Stefano & Ning’s post showcases how Hadoop can be used to address the fast data clickstream analysis use case.

John Crawford added two posts - one on querying JSON data in VoltDB and a second on setting JSON values.

The posts are packed with technical detail, code samples and how-to suggestions on how users can take advantage of VoltDB JSON support.

Read the blogs here.
  Building Streaming Apps – the Top Contenders Webinar available

Building applications on streaming data poses challenges. If you’re a developer trying to use programs like Apache Spark or Storm to build apps, listen to this webinar, in which Ryan Betts explains the benefits and downfalls of each solution and how to choose the right tool for your next streaming data project.

Listen to the webinar today →

  Are you familiar with the Fast Data Stack? See our new whitepaper!

Streaming Data and the Fast Data Stack – CTO Ryan Betts looks at how software designers and architects build software stack reference architectures to solve common, repeating problems. An example is the LAMP stack.

A stack is emerging across both verticals and industries alike for building applications that process these high velocity streams of data that quickly accumulate into the ‘Big Data lake.’ This new stack, the Fast Data Stack, has a unique purpose: to grab real-time data and output recommendations, decisions and analyses in milliseconds. Download the whitepaper here.


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