Choose the Right Database

Our two minute assessment will help narrow your choices to the right technology for your next application. Maybe it's VoltDB. Maybe not.

What kind of data are you using in your application?

VoltDB is not optimized for data at rest applications, e.g., running reports on historical data.
VoltDB is purpose-built for high-velocity applications that process data in motion.

Do you need immediately consistent data?

VoltDB provides strict ACID transactions. Data is immediately consistent, correct, and never lost.
VoltDB offers immediate data consistency without performance trade-offs.

Do you require scale-out infrastructure?

VoltDB is a scale-out shared nothing architecture that can scale elastically with demand.
While you may not require scalability today, perhaps in the future?

Is instantaneous response a priority?

VoltDB was designed to be 100X faster than other databases. Response latencies for most applications are in the single millisecond range.
VoltDB is designed for speed and scale but if you don’t need it, there may be better choices.

Would coding in SQL be beneficial to your team?

VoltDB supports ANSI SQL the most popular data language as well as JSON and Java.
VoltDB is a SQL relational database. If you have simple workloads like key-value "puts and gets," VoltDB may fit but others may be better.

How many events (or transactions) are you trying to process?

There are many options to meet this level of transactional performance.
VoltDB is designed for speed and scale and can easily support 10,000-50,000 transactions per second.
VoltDB is designed for speed and scale and is a great fit for applications that need transactions over 50,000 per second.

What type of solution do you prefer for transactions (OLTP) and analytics (OLAP)?

VoltDB is "best of breed" for transactions (OLTP) and is often used with OLAP solutions to solve both Fast and Big Data challenges.
While VoltDB is optimized for transactions (OLTP), if you value transactions over queries VoltDB may still be a good fit for you.
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Best fits your application

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