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From Big Data Analytics to Fast Data Decisioning

Global organizations use VoltDB to power real-time business opportunities

Voltdb enables business

Instant value from anomalous events captured across multiple data streams!

VoltDB’s sub 10ms decisioning is monetizing 5G applications, preventing digital fraud, improving customer experience, and powering digital transformation. Energize your existing big data and messaging investments. Evolve to fast data decisions driving real-time actions.


Capture new 5G revenue streams


Prevent fraud before it happens


Turn devices into revenue generators

Top 10 Reasons Developers Choose VoltDB Over Legacy RDBMS and NoSQL solutions

VoltDB’s advanced capabilities help you unlock more value from your existing database, data warehouse and messaging investments. Here’s why developers choose VoltDB for the real-time decisioning applications their organizations rely on.

  • Aggregate Data Management
  • Durable and Scalable Transactions
  • Geo Replication Support
  • Manageable TCO
  • Queue System Integration
  • Consistent Low Latency
  • Cloud Native
  • Handles Complex Logic
  • Professional Grade Quality and Support
  • Stack Simplification
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