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Whitepaper: The Evolution of the Smart Stream Processing Architecture

Stream Processing Whitepaper

Stream Processing WhitepaperNext-generation applications, especially those powered by 5G, require real-time analysis and decisioning on streaming data at the edge. Existing streaming architectures rely on disparate embedded technologies to ingest, process and store data, which compromises on the latency, scalability and complex event processing demands of today’s market.

In this white paper, we introduce you to the Smart Stream Processing Architecture – a single, unified environment for ingestion, processing and storage. This new architecture utilizes a real-time In-Memory Relational Data Processing Platform (IMRDPP) to not just make streaming “smart”, but also provides linear scale, predictable low latency, strict ACID and a reduced hardware footprint that can easily be deployed at the edge.

Explore this white paper to learn about topics, such as:

  • Smart Stream Processing Architecture vs. Lambda and Kappa Architectures
  • Key requirements for Smart Stream Processing
  • 5 critical benefits of a Smart Stream Processing Architecture
  • Smart Stream Processing use cases
  • And more

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