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Whitepaper: 5G Revolution

VoltDB Whitepaper: The 5G Revolution

Whitepaper: 5G Revolution

January 10, 2019

VoltDB Whitepaper: The 5G RevolutionThe 5G revolution has begun and with it comes immense amounts of data at an unprecedented velocity that will fuel a wide range of data-driven services and digital business models. However, to capitalize on these new opportunities – and to succeed in the race to monetize 5G – CSPs need to operationalize this “fast data” and make informed business decisions in-event and in real-time.

In this white paper, we examine the 5G revolution from a data perspective – what fast data is, what are the opportunities it creates, and what challenges exist in operationalizing fast data in real-time. Read this whitepaper to gain insight into a number of topics, including:

  • Why is 5G different?
  • Popular 5G use cases
  • New business opportunities via network slicing
  • Fast data challenges in a 5G world
  • 5G database requirements
  • And more

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