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VoltDB Confluent Connector

VoltDB Confluent Connector

April 13, 2017

What is the VoltDB Confluent Sink Connector?

VoltDB’s partnership with Confluent, (the creators of Kafka) makes data more actionable. The VoltDB Confluent Sink Connector receives serialized data from Confluent streams and writes it to VoltDB.

Using the Confluent Sink Connector creates an end-to-end solution that enables applications to process and make decisions on data the moment it arrives, and export it to a data warehouse.

What is Confluent?

The Confluent Platform is a stream data platform that leverages Apache Kafka to enable you to organize and manage data from many different sources with one reliable, high performance system.

Next Steps:

  1. Complete the form to be taken to the download link
  2. Download the VoltDB Confluent Sink Connector
  3. Follow the installation instructions in the README

Please note: You must have VoltDB in order to run the connector. Grab your copy here: www.voltdb.com/download

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