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Benchmark Report: VoltDB vs. 5G Requirements

VoltDB Benchmark Report

Benchmark Report: VoltDB vs. 5G Requirements

November 02, 2018

VoltDB-Benchmark-ReportVoltDB is trusted globally by telecommunications software solution providers as the in-memory database of choice to power their mission-critical applications deployed at over 100 operators around the world. VoltDB was chosen for its performance and features to solve not only the current challenges, but also to support the rapid evolution of systems in the industry.

To put our claims to the test, we ran a benchmark to demonstrate how the performance of VoltDB meets or exceeds the requirements of telecom systems. We showcase VoltDB’s high performance, low latency and linear scaling that are necessary to power revolutions in the industry such as 5G.

In this benchmark, we tested VoltDB v8.3 in the cloud and observed the performance scale linearly with the number of servers and achieve over 3 million transactions/second with latency consistently in single digits. Explore this benchmark for detailed analysis into our testing and results, as well as insights into topics, including:

  • VoltDB and the 5G Landscape
  • TCO caveats of open source
  • NewSQL vs. NoSQL for 5G requirements
  • And more

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