Sakura Internet

Sakura Internet is a VoltDB Customer

Sakura Internet

April 09, 2019

Sakura Internet, one of Japan’s largest enterprise-class Internet service providers (Isp), builds and maintains a proprietary Ip backbone in addition to operating several data centers across Japan in order to deliver a diverse range of Internet services to enterprise customers. those services include website and email hosting, virtual private networks, elastic cloud services (Iaas) and complete data center hosting solutions, including systems management. the company also offers Business Continuity planning (BCp) to meet its customers’ disaster recovery needs.

“Keeping customers connected at all times is of vital importance to sakura Internet given the ever-increasing range of applications and services being delivered and consumed online,” said tamihiro Yuzawa, network engineer at sakura Internet. “unfortunately, large-scale Distributed Denial-of-service (DDos) attacks directed toward service providers and private enterprises have demonstrated all too clearly that traditional perimeter defenses are not enough to combat today’s sophisticated DDos attacks.”

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