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eBook: 6 Use Cases of Real-Time Decisioning

ebook 6 RealTime Decisioning Use Cases

eBook: 6 Use Cases of Real-Time Decisioning

June 08, 2018

ebook 6 RealTime Decisioning Use CasesThe real-time revolution has begun, and businesses across all industries are finding new and innovative ways to derive instant value on the vast volumes of streaming data coming into their organizations.

Whether it’s to enhance business processes through machine learning and AI, provide better – and more profitable – interactions with customers, or to meet the speed and data requirements of technology advancements like 5G and IoT, there are a number of ways to transform your business and gain a competitive advantage with real-time decisioning technologies.

What You’ll Read

In this eBook, we explore six real-time decisioning use cases and showcase real-world examples of how businesses are making the most of their high-velocity data. Download now to learn more about topics, such as:

  • Fraud prevention vs. fraud detection: Dissecting the differences
  • Why real-time personalization is transforming media and gaming
  • How 5G is revolutionizing telco’s real-time infrastructure
  • Real-time requirements for achieving a single source of truth in financial services
  • The real-time necessities of IoT

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