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How VoltDB helped an Indian company deal with 1M concurrent fantasy sports registrations

VoltDB Examples: Fantasy Sports Registration

Need 640K TPS and perfectly accurate running totals? VoltDB has the answer. But it’s not what you’d expect… Anyone who has worked in the OLTP RDBMS space for any length of time will have noticed that heavy OLTP workloads don’t sit well with heavy summarization/COUNT (*)/running total workloads. The root cause of this is pretty [...]
Go fast! Blog post on fast data, translytics and VoltDB

Is “Translytics” Just Rebranded “OLTP”?

Recently Forrester group has started to talk about "translytics" and Translytical Databases - databases that can “Deliver Analytics At The Speed Of Transactions”. Is this more marketing hype? Or is there something to it? A traditional OLTP database handles lots of rapid fire transactions, but doesn’t really do much more than that. An OLTP database application [...]
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