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Improving Initialization — An Intern’s Story

My three-month-long internship at VoltDB was meaningful and unforgettable. By working with all the talents in this company, I’ve learned countless coding techniques, which deepened my knowledge of software engineering, and sharpened my communication skills. My main work at VoltDB was to help improve different data loaders, importers and exporters. I had two mentors, Anish […]

An intern’s experience at VoltDB: Partial snapshots, YCSB benchmark

Working at VoltDB is a fantastic experience. Coming from Brown CS, I worked as a software engineering intern during the summer of 2016. I was part of the Data Replication (DR) team, which builds cross data-center replication and database backup and recovery software. I started by making improvements to the partial snapshot feature. A database […]

Optimizing client APIs – an intern’s story

My name is Yuxuan Chen, a Brown University CS master’s student, and I spent this summer as an intern in VoltDB. It’s been a valuable experience for me. I work on the ecosystem team, and my work mainly focuses on optimizing client APIs, deployment of VoltDB, and troubleshooting. Tasks that relate to different aspects of […]

Accelerating continuous integration with Docker – an intern’s story

Continuous integration (CI) has become a fundamental process in many software-based companies in recent years. Fortunately, frameworks such as Jenkins do most of the heavy lifting and make it flexible for the engineering team to examine and improve the process. With the increasing popularity of lightweight virtualization, CI has begun to embrace technologies like Docker. […]

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