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VoltDB and the YCSB Benchmark

VoltDB and YCSB …

October 16, 2019
YCSB is a well known benchmark that was devised by a group at Yahoo! Research led by Brian F. Cooper. It came about because the proliferation of what the authors call ‘cloud serving systems’, and the need to be able to do ‘apples to apples’ comparisons between them. Between 2005 and 2015 we saw an [...]

VoltDB Gets 66K TPS on the “Telecom Application Transaction Processing” Benchmark

October 08, 2019
Introduction The “Telecom Application Transaction Processing” benchmark was devised to model telco system behavior for benchmark purposes. The documentation describes it as follows: The Telecommunication Application Transaction Processing (TATP) benchmark is designed to measure the performance of a relational DBMS/OS/Hardware combination in a typical telco application. The benchmark generates a flooding load on a database [...]
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Benchmarking VoltDB on the Cloud

November 06, 2018

Since joining VoltDB exactly 3 years ago as a Sales Engineer, I have worked with customers from different industries and with different fast data challenges. One of my most important duties here has been to relay the efficacy of VoltDB in supporting such fast data applications. The challenge here is in not just applying a […]

Benchmark Blog Banner: VoltDB vs Cassandra

Comparing Fast Data Performance: A comparison of VoltDB and Cassandra Benchmarks

October 02, 2017

Introduction NoSQL databases, such as Apache Cassandra, are often used in operational applications. However, a new breed of databases, such as VoltDB, are revolutionizing the fast data landscape. VoltDB is an in-memory NewSQL transactional database for fast data applications, currently in use by major telcos, financial services, and many other markets. To display the competitiveness […]

Managing the real-time data explosion? Look out for these 5 gotchas

December 21, 2016

Real-time connectivity will stop being an optional way to incrementally improve efficiency and instead become a baseline requirement without which things simply won’t work. Over the next decade the ratio of humans to computers on the internet will change radically. We’re moving from an era where interactions were mostly between individual humans and servers to […]

An intern’s experience at VoltDB: Partial snapshots, YCSB benchmark

September 07, 2016

Working at VoltDB is a fantastic experience. Coming from Brown CS, I worked as a software engineering intern during the summer of 2016. I was part of the Data Replication (DR) team, which builds cross data-center replication and database backup and recovery software. I started by making improvements to the partial snapshot feature. A database […]

Apps that need ACID

February 18, 2016

There’s a lot of discussion about the value of consistency and ACID transactions in data management. I thought it would be useful to describe three fully implemented enterprise-class applications, and one example application, that need ACID transactions. These descriptions should make an abstract concept a bit more concrete. “The Last Dollar Problem” Airpush is a […]

451 Research Report “Points & Polygons: VoltDB adds Geospatial Support with v6.0”

February 15, 2016

Jason Stamper, lead analyst at 451 Research, reported today on VoltDB’s newest software release, v6.0. As Stamper points out, v6.0 builds on the foundation of VoltDB’s in-memory, massively parallel architecture. In today’s data-intensive world, your business is only as fast as your database. We’re thrilled that 451 Research decided to highlight our newest release. We […]

Comparing Cloud Performance With YCSB

November 17, 2015

Introduction Last year we published YCSB benchmarks that compared IBM SoftLayer with Amazon Web Services. This generated a lot of interest from lots of different folks in the cloud community. There was so much interest we decided to do it again with more platforms. We reached out to an independent benchmarking enthusiast, Tim Callaghan from […]

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