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Fraud – Five Takeaways from our Analyst Webinar

VoltDB Fraud Webinar

Many VoltDB customers are creating externally-facing applications which face the potential of being hacked, with the applications and/or data being used in some fraudulent manner that can cost the businesses considerable time, effort and money. In addition, some of our customers, such as WhiteOps, have created businesses based on identifying and disrupting fraud. And fraud […]

3 Key Points from our webinar Preparing for a New Programmatic Adtech World with TripleLift

One of the reasons I love working for a leading-edge database company is that I get to talk to and work with many different kinds of companies. Data is everywhere, and companies across the spectrum are trying to harness that data to improve their businesses, whether that means accelerating their growth through more accurate targeting […]

What the heck is personalization?

What I’ve learned from working in the software industry is that the word “personalization” can mean many different things to many different people. My intent in this blog series is to explore the different meanings as they pertain to various industries: Mobile/Utilities, Gaming, Advertising Technology, Retail/IoT, eCommerce, Loyalty, Energy, and Travel. This edition will be […]

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