Strangeloop Conference Recap

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last week in St. Louis, Dr. Michael Stonebraker gave the keynote address at the Strangeloop conference. His topic was In-Memory Databases – the Future is Now! Strangeloop is a fantastic multi-disciplinary tech conference run by Alex Miller (@puredanger) that may be the closest thing to geek heaven this side of graduate school. Alex and his crack staff, especially the ever-present Nick Cowan, kept things running very smoothly. The Peabody Opera House and its efficient staff provided an unusually opulent setting for discussions of concurrency, emerging languages, and alternative databases.


The audience, or as Javascript guru Andrew Luetgers (@lootsauce) tweeted, the “#nerdhoard”, was wide awake for Stonebraker’s discussion of high velocity transaction processing, despite jet lag and the previous night’s extended pre-party. Stonebraker went over the current state of transaction processing, and described the primacy of in-memory processing for transactional workloads, and the other architectural breakthroughs demonstrated by the H-Store project and VoltDB. The address kicked off a vibrant discussion in the halls and on Twitter, and we had a steady flow of conference attendees with follow-up questions at the VoltDB booth.


Strangeloop provided a unique mix of computer scientists and technologists from diverse background and industries to discuss what is possible – it was a privilege to be invited. Many people have been saying on Twitter that it was the best conference they had attended, and I would have to agree.

by VoltDB

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