Presto! Facebook Embraces SQL, Everyone at VoltDB Nods Their Head.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yesterday, Facebook announced open-source access to Presto, “a distributed SQL query engine optimized for ad-hoc analysis at interactive speed.” You can read more in this blog post by Martin Traverso, a member of Facebook’s Presto team.


At VoltDB, we’ve always believed that data is only valuable when you can interact with it. Data you can’t interact with — well, that’s just overhead. We put access and interactivity first. And that means we put SQL first. Five years ago this wasn’t a popular choice but we stuck to our guns. Because we have history on our side.


As SQL relational systems first came to market, many years ago, they competed with navigation and document-oriented solutions. SQL won. The expressiveness and the flexibility to interact with data is why SQL matters.


SQL is fast – witness VoltDB.


SQL scales – witness Impala, BigQuery and Facebook’s announcement.


SQL matters to the marketplace — ask any ODBC-compliant BI vendor.


Google was first, then Cloudera Impala, and now Facebook – all have announced SQL interfaces to their large-volume data stores.


We’re happy to see “NoSQL” learning the lessons of 30 years.

by VoltDB