September 15, 2017 |

How is Fast Data Transforming the Telco Landscape?

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Telco networks have always generated fast data at line speed. In telco use cases like policy management, decisions are already made on that data in near real-time. In many other cases, network and customer data is backhauled into a data lake and analyzed over hours or days to gain insight into the subscriber experience or […]

September 12, 2017 | , ,

Go Faster!

By: Ning Shi

Several days ago, I saw a tweet fly by in my stream. The creator of Node.js, Ryan Dahl, was recommending Golang for any new server-side projects. While Node.js is still very popular, the growth in microservices has been driving a more wide-spread adoption of Golang for these projects. Golang is becoming more and more appealing […]

September 08, 2017 | , ,

Kafka Summit 2017 – Key Takeaways and Commentary

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Last Monday on August 28th, a number of the VoltDB staff attended the Kafka Summit in San Francisco. This one-day event brought in over 700 attendees from the developer audience to attend 30+ valuable technical talks and breakout sessions, and meet directly with exhibiting sponsors like VoltDB to learn more about their technology – and […]

September 01, 2017 |

VoltDB Announces v7.6

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

We’re ending the summer 2017 season with a bang – our new release, VoltDB v7.6, totally eclipses all other VoltDB releases with the introduction User Defined Function (UDF) support, a new performance Analysis tab in our VoltDB Management Center, and numerous other enhancements. No special sunglasses are needed to look at this release — here’s […]

September 01, 2017 |

Part 2 in Series: Unanswered Q&A from Webinar — “Surviving IoT: How Telcos Can Thrive in the Next Industrial Revolution”

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

For part 1 of the series, click here. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a fundamental shift from the current economy, leading some to even claim that IoT will bring about “the next industrial revolution.” Telcos seem to be a position to capitalize on this (all that data has to use a network), but […]

August 28, 2017 |

Measuring Real-Time

By: John Piekos

Editor’s note: This blog post first appeared on the InfoWorld blog on August 28th The term “real-time” is thrown around a lot these days, but it’s a buzzword that is often surrounded by ambiguity. Every day, it seems a new product is announcing its real-time capability. But how is real-time measured? It certainly isn’t measured […]

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