October 13, 2017 | ,

Improving SQL Execution – An Intern’s Story

By: Dinesh Majeti

My name is Dinesh Majeti and I am a Ph.D. student from the University of Houston in the field of Computer Science. It is an exciting moment when you start to work in the industry for the first time, especially as a graduate student who worked on a research problem in the lab for a […]

October 11, 2017 |

Achieving Immediacy: Operating in a Real-Time World

By: Madhup Mishra

We recently commissioned a survey of 2, 000 consumers, examining what ‘real-time’ means to end-users and the potential implications of making customers wait. We dug into the various industries where real-time experiences are crucially important: gaming, advertising, telecommunications and banking. And while it was no surprise that consumer patience is short, 71 percent of respondents […]

October 06, 2017 | , , ,

Using UDF for Machine Learning

By: Yiquan Zhang

We added support for scalar user-defined functions in our recent release, VoltDB V7.6. With this feature, users can write their own SQL functions in Java and load them into VoltDB. Those functions, once loaded, can be used in all kinds of SQL queries just like any other built-in SQL functions. User-defined functions can give you […]

October 03, 2017 |

Announcing VoltDB v7.7

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

As summer comes to a close, we’ve posted another monthly VoltDB release, now available for download. VoltDB v7.7 introduces several features that improve usability and performance. The release adds: the ability to write pure SQL stored procedures with multiple statements, a new data analysis tab in our VoltDB Management Center, a superfast Golang driver, and […]

October 02, 2017 | , ,

Comparing Fast Data Performance: A comparison of VoltDB and Cassandra Benchmarks

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Introduction NoSQL databases, such as Apache Cassandra, are often used in operational applications. However, a new breed of databases, such as VoltDB, are revolutionizing the fast data landscape. VoltDB is an in-memory NewSQL transactional database for fast data applications, currently in use by major telcos, financial services, and many other markets. To display the competitiveness […]

September 27, 2017 | ,

What the **** is Translytics / a Translytical Database?

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Data is often repeated as the lifeblood of modern business. Companies use data to drive decisions and strategies, as well as run applications based off those decisions (which in turn generates new data for decisions and strategies, which new applications are based off, and so on). Many data stacks can be generalized into having multiple […]

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