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The Open Source Real-Time Question (and Fast Data Answers)

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Rising Amounts of Information As we look at total amount of information created world wide, we see an exponentially rising curve. According to the Kleiner Perkins 2017 Internet Trends study, the amount of total information generated in the world today is about 16 zettabytes (zb). Based on Kleiner estimates, this number will grow at least […]

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What Real-Time Application Pattern Works for You?

By: John Piekos

3 common real-time application patterns that require a real-time decision Editor’s note: This blog post first appeared on the InfoWorld blog on September 29, 2017. At first glance, building a real-time application may sound like a daunting proposition, one that involves technical challenges as well as a significant financial investment, especially when you have an […]

October 20, 2017 |

How Millennials are Transforming Waiting

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Millennials are at the forefront of influencing change across multiple industries. From Applebee’s to Harley’s, real-estate to football, millennials are changing how the economy works. Following basic economic principles, if you don’t meet the demands of this generation, your industry could lag behind. Of these demands, none other are more satirized or ridiculed than the […]

October 18, 2017 |

Improving Initialization — An Intern’s Story

By: Shenyang Cai

My three-month-long internship at VoltDB was meaningful and unforgettable. By working with all the talents in this company, I’ve learned countless coding techniques, which deepened my knowledge of software engineering, and sharpened my communication skills. My main work at VoltDB was to help improve different data loaders, importers and exporters. I had two mentors, Anish […]

October 13, 2017 | ,

Improving SQL Execution – An Intern’s Story

By: Dinesh Majeti

My name is Dinesh Majeti and I am a Ph.D. student from the University of Houston in the field of Computer Science. It is an exciting moment when you start to work in the industry for the first time, especially as a graduate student who worked on a research problem in the lab for a […]

October 11, 2017 |

Achieving Immediacy: Operating in a Real-Time World

By: Madhup Mishra

We recently commissioned a survey of 2, 000 consumers, examining what ‘real-time’ means to end-users and the potential implications of making customers wait. We dug into the various industries where real-time experiences are crucially important: gaming, advertising, telecommunications and banking. And while it was no surprise that consumer patience is short, 71 percent of respondents […]

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