November 14, 2017 | ,

Gamers’ Real-Time Demands: More Challenging than NG+

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Gamers want real-time offers and micro-transactions — but only if they are useful. This is a key finding from The Psychology of Waiting, a survey of 2,000 US consumers conducted by VansonBourne and sponsored by VoltDB. Almost 85% of consumers play online games and/or mobile games; approximately 44% of the world’s internet population plays some […]

November 10, 2017 | , ,

Key Considerations for a Modern Database to Operate at Scale

By: Dheeraj Remella

Modern applications have two primary needs: performance and ease of operations, both at scale. Performance The performance consists of two aspects: throughput and latency. Both are driven by applications becoming machine-driven i.e. API-driven. Humans will wait much longer than an API will since APIs have strict latency expectations due to timeouts. When you take a […]

November 07, 2017 |

What’s the Difference Between VoltDB Editions — Community (Open Source), Pro and Enterprise?

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Deciding on a database technology that best suits a given need can be difficult, especially when there are multiple versions of a technology. VoltDB is no different, as we offer three core software offerings. To simplify your decision of which version of VoltDB is right for you, this blog will walk through the feature differences […]

November 03, 2017 | ,

Questions and Answers about Modern Database Architecture

By: Dheeraj Remella

VoltDB and DBTA teamed up to host a webinar in October titled “Architectural Considerations for a Modern Database to Operate at Scale”. We had a number excellent questions during that session, which are reproduced below. For those who missed the webinar, you may view it here in its entirety. Editor’s Note Unless otherwise noted, the […]

November 01, 2017 |

The New Speed of Finance — Fraud Detection and Real-Time Expectations

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Consumer finances today largely exist online. More than 60% of consumers reported using a banking website and mobile app, according to The Psychology of Waiting survey, commissioned by VoltDB and conducted by VansonBourne. 19% reported using an investment app as well. However, the survey reveals that as finances become digital, consumers expect their banks to […]

October 25, 2017 | ,

A Better Open Source Offering

By: John Hugg

Since version 1.1, VoltDB has shipped two editions of our main database product. We offer an open-source edition of the product called the Community Edition and a commercial closed-source offering called the Enterprise Edition. Like many infrastructure software companies, we strive to strike a balance between being open and funding our company. After much discussion […]

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