September 13, 2018 |

Using VoltDB to Get JPMML into Production

By: David Rolfe
In the previous articles, Getting Machine Learning into Production and Using VoltDB to Get H20 into Production, I discussed the broad problems you face when you try to commercialize machine learning and showed how to integrate h2o. In this article I’ll show how you can use PMML inside VoltDB. There are two ways to use [...]
August 30, 2018 | ,

16 FAQs on Machine Learning with True Real-Time Decisioning

By: VoltDB Blog Staff

Recently, we held a webinar, hosted by one of our engineers, entitled “Discussion & Demo — Machine Learning with True Real-Time Decisioning”. In it, we explored how intelligent real-time decisioning technology in machine learning helps you operationalize your analytics and take the next critical step in realizing your machine learning goals. It also featured a […]

August 29, 2018 |

Using VoltDB to Get h20 into Production

By: David Rolfe
In my previous article I discussed the broad problems you face when you try to commercialize machine learning. In this one I’ll go through the specific steps you’ll need to get everything to work. There are two ways to integrate h20 generated classes. The first, and most obvious is to reference it from inside a [...]
August 21, 2018 | , ,

VoltDB & Kubernetes – The Perfect Match for 5G Apps & Microservices

By: Chai Bhat
Kubernetes has quickly become the most popular container orchestration solution with DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers. Kubernetes was developed and then open sourced by Google, it supports not just Docker (the defacto standard for building and running containerized apps) but also other container platforms. Containerization provides modern app developers with a means to continuously iterate [...]
August 17, 2018 | ,

Getting Machine Learning Into Production With VoltDB

By: David Rolfe
Congratulations! You’ve mastered machine learning and can now generate a model that will help your enterprise succeed. There’s just one problem. Or rather several, actually. Below we discuss the challenges you face getting an ML model into production and how VoltDB can help. For the purposes of this article let’s assume that your model’s job [...]
August 02, 2018 |

VoltDB Enterprise Edition on AWS – Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive

By: Chai Bhat
We are excited to announce the availability of the VoltDB Enterprise Edition on AWS, a in-memory operational SQL database. VoltDB powers applications that require real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data for a connected world, without compromising on ACID requirements. In just a few minutes you can launch a VoltDB cluster on AWS and start processing [...]
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